4 thoughts on “VIDEO REVIEW: Mamma Mia!

  1. tyra menendez says:

    you mean movies for women and gay men.seriously, most of the “reviews” and hype i saw for sex and the city, were from gay men. and not the respectable kind – the “omg, here he comes”, wears make up and carries a purse kinda gay guys. the ones that are surprised that you know they’re gay, when the rest of the fucking world is going “duh!”, kind of gay guy.ok, i’m done making gay jokes, now.but i kind of think these kinds of banal spectacles are doing so well because of the gay traditional, arbitrary courtship rituals, the man will pick out the movie to go see, because he hasn’t been whipped enough to be dragged to standard chick-fare. but the rules change when you’ve got two men going on a date. and if you think i’m gay-bashing, i’m not; merely making an observation.and i still think you should go see hellboy 2.


  2. Mark says:

    the worst thing about this movie, I thought, was the execution!I mean, come on, they got a bunch of big-name actors to make people show up…. then 1) those big-name actors proceed to act badly, and 2) those big-name actors proceed to sing badly!who wins there?I mean, Pierce Brosnan (sp?) and the other men do reasonable delivery, but they can’t sing. Seyfried is the only one who sings well enough to have a major role in a musical. And Streep…. she is just put in lots of uncomfortable physical comedy situations and otherwise prances that it’s just embarrassing. so for me, I was willing to handle the sitcom-ish plot, but the way they pulled it off….


  3. Anonymous says:

    Enjoyed the movie though the Directing was pretty bad. Why film in Greece if you don’t make use of the locations?Choreography could have been so much better.The performances were what made it for me….and the ABBA music.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Wow. Very interesting take ~ and review.I saw “Momma Mia!” because my editor wanted me to review it. I don’t even like ABBA. I saw it back to back with the “Dark Knight.” I usually hate movies heavy laden with stars. However, I liked this movie!! Yes, it’s silly. But after the darkness of “Dark Knight” perhaps my soul just needed to be washed in dancing and singing on a Greek Island. A lot of critics have been harsh on this one, but I’m standing firm I think it’s an entertaining movie – not going to win any Oscars… but it was just plain fun. ~Heidi


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