The first image of Green Lantern…

…looks really, really, REALLY bad. Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly’s “Comic-Con Issue.”

Not that it matters. The reaction, I mean. Since negative first-impressions on things like this are always innevitably brushed-aside as “fanboy” complaints not worth taking seriously. In fact, let me save various anonymous trolls some time: “Shut up, Fanboy! You’re just mad it doesn’t look exactly like the gay-ass comic version you fap to in your mom’s basement!” There, copy/paste THAT into the comment-box and feel free to add some choice references of your own to weight, appearance and sexual-orientation for that personal touch 😉

But good LORD, what a hideous design – yes, fine, maybe it looks good in motion… but it’s hard not to feel bad for Ryan Reynolds having to “wear” that thing – “wear” being in quotes because it’s not even a costume, it’s a CGI augmentation being made to him after the fact. This is, of course, par for the course for Warner Bros., who evidently remain so ashamed of “having” to make superhero movies there’s no amount of extraneous detailing they won’t add to make the costumes look like anything OTHER than a superhero costume (See-also: Batman’s awful lumpy bat-armor, Superman’s overdesigned threads and, in the comics, Wonder Woman’s new body-conscious-actress-friendly slacks.) In this case, the design-directive seemed to be “Tron-as-reworked-for-a-reptilian-offshoot-of-Furry-fetishism.”

Look, I get the logic that a green-and-black body-stocking is a hard sell to audiences who aren’t going to see this anyway, and I get that it’s supposed to look more like a “construct” of the ring… but it also looks like ass. I mean, ignore the GL logo for a minute and tell me that even if this were some “original” character this wouldn’t look completely laughable. The Billy Zane PHANTOM had a better-looking suit than this, and he was wearing a purple skinsuit with a fucking WIDOW’S PEAK!

Fortunately, I can at least partially soothe my dissapointments (this project was sounding so promising!) with the new “Thor” image of Odin, Loki(?) and Thor hanging out in (presumably) Asgard:

I love that. Know what I love about it? Absolutely NO pretending it’s anything other than exactly what it is: “Yeah, we’re Viking Superheroes. What of it?” Cheezy? OF COURSE it’s cheezy! What part of VIKING SUPERHERO wasn’t clear enough? And check out the Kirby-esque jagged-line details on Hopkins’ armor. Every Marvel movie has reference being “live-action Jack Kirby drawings” at one point or another, but this is the first time anyone actually seems to have gone for it.

44 thoughts on “The first image of Green Lantern…

  1. Anonymous says:

    At least the benefit of a CGI costume (theoretically) is that for all the filming they have already done they could change the way the suit looks without having to re-film scenes. Hopefully they might actually take fan input and apply that.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Really bad? As compared to what? That old comic/cartoon designs that look pretty much exactly the same? So what if the thing glows a little now… Its about as different as the Spidey costume was… Big effeing deal. Go whine about something else… Like the fact that someone EVER thought making a GREEK GOD a fucking SUPER HERO was a good idea.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I'm sort of entranced by how fucking terrible that suit looks. And just for the record I've never bought a GL comic in my life, so this isn't coming from a place of “fanboi-nerd-rage”- it's honestly just hideous.


  4. Anonymous says:

    I swear… All I can think of when I look at that Thor pic is “when are the Power Rangers going to show up”. Lame.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, I'm underwhelmed. I'm willing to reserve final judgment until we get a wider shot and/or see it in motion, but going off that picture? Not doing it for me.

    I don't even get the point of such a drastic design change; if you want to see a good “realistic” version of the Green Lantern costume, just watch the animated movie “First Flight”, which turned it from skin-tight cloth into a sort of body-armor. I was sort of expecting them to go with something like that. This, though? This just looks like they spray-painted one of those body suits from “The Cell” green and called it a day.

    That “Thor” shot looks pretty awesome, though.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Shut up, Fanboy! You're just mad it doesn't look exactly like the gay-ass comic version you fap to in your mom's basement!

    But seriously though, I don't mind it too much. It's green and has that eye mask thing. Look's like GL to me.

    Thor on the other hand doesn't look enough like Thor. He'd better wear his winged helmet in the movie in every other scene or else. Same with Loki's horns and Odin's GIANT ASS horns.


  7. Jerry says:

    To the Anonymous who was complaining: Thor is a NORSE GOD. Would it kill you to get one thing right? It also looks nothing like the design of Green Lantern costume, simply because it replaced the color scheme with a pretty hideous GREEN and for some reason took away his skin.



  8. Anonymous says:

    I can sort of see a Green Lantern uniform under the cross between Lord Zedd (Seasons two, three and four of Power Rangers) and Trakeena's insect form (Lost Galaxy, also in Lightspeed Rescue's teamup episode in what little screen-time didn't go to that little girl). Still, I can't help but ask why when I see those energy-veins. And to the anonymous who said it was as different as the Spidey costume, the only changes made to Spider-Man's costume from the comics to the movies were minute details like removing the webbed armpits, making the eyes sunglasses, raised webbing instead of stenciled… A casual observer could watch the movie, then go pick up a comic book and go “Yup, that's Spidey alright.”. A movie-goer who could like this new movie enough to tune in to some Superfriends re-runs or something wouldn't know what the fuck.

    On that note, Bob, what do you think the odds are that a Power Rangers movie (As in a reboot, not the two that already came out which were basically supposed to act as feature-length episodes) could happen, what with Saban getting the rights back and Linkara's History of Power Rangers renewing interests?


  9. Anonymous says:

    yea…… GL doesn't that great, but it doesn't look nearly as bad as “Thor”
    That movie is gonna blow.
    It reminds me of an episode of Power Rangers. looks terrible….. what a disappointment, i had somewhat high hopes. Gone after seeing that pic.

    GOCK…… lol


  10. Danny says:

    I get the feeling that the plan was to release images of this at comic con, but someone smart at WB realised just how pissed off the fanboys would get and thus we are seeing it now.


  11. Weird, Green Cat. says:

    I think the other posters pretty much got it right — Will Ferrel has had his skin flayed, and his subdermal musculature is a horrible green.

    I don't think it's terribly hard to redesign age-old costumes, as long as they respect what's come before; I'm reminded of the various “Justice Lords” episodes of the JL animated series, and how they were different enough to be interesting, but similar enough to be recognizable.

    Oh, and I actually like Wonder Woman's new costume, for the record. The jacket looks stupid, but I'm sure she's feeling less of a draft.


  12. rubbav1 says:

    I'm guess I'm kind of in agreement with everyone else on this. It really doesn't look all that bad – and Loki better have his fucking horns. I mean it's not like it's X-Men where they changed the design entirely. It just glows stop overreacting.

    White gloves would have been nice though.


  13. BFG says:

    Whenever the movie people take on artists to design costumes, they need look no further than the best superhero costume ever put to any medium outside the comics: Batman's from Arkham Asylum.

    GL looks like a cross between Guyver, Power Rangers, and Dragonball Z if Rob Liefeld had drawn it. Just…for fuck's sake. And the only things I've ever seen of Hal Jordan as the GL was the animated movie with the FBI guy from Bones as the voice.

    I fear with Thor, Marvel is going to prove just what a fluke the first Iron Man was in terms of outright great story telling and cinematography.


  14. Filmduck says:

    I have faith in Thor simply because of who is directing it… If you havent seen Branagh's version of Hamlet it is a must see in my book and tbh one of my favorite films! I think his experience with the dud that was frankenstien can only do him good as well so he knows what not to do with his chance at a big budget film this time around lol..

    As for GL when I first saw that picture I nearly barfed but I the more I look at it the more trouble I have looking away… its like hypnotizingly bad but at the same time I think it is growing on me lol…


  15. Bob says:

    Anonymous (seriously, guys… if we don't have google accounts, how about at least “signing” stuff?),

    The Power Rangers were kind of “after my time,” as I was en-route to High School when it came out (though my sibs were big into it so I'm fairly familiar with the early incarnations) so I don't know that I'm the right guy to judge… but I don't sense that it's a property that's reach revival-readiness yet (isn't it still “on” in some form, too?) Let the youngest of it's original fanbase start hitting their late-20s, and then definitely it'll be primed and ready.

    But then, y'never know. You can basically describe the property as “what if The Avengers DROVE The Transformers?,” which would be a pretty enticing pitch for anyone who didn't have a tentpole franchise of their own yet. Y'know, thinking back on it now, I can easily see a “what is this?” teaser-trailer with a “modernized” version of the astronauts (I'm assuming?) letting the witch out of that bucket-thing on the moon – with a hard cut to year-of-release – being the sort of thing that blows the roof off of Comic-Con… so yeah, maybe.

    I AM a little shocked to learn that Saban has it back in the first place – now that Disney and Marvel are one and the same, how did Disney decide to NOT keep that property and publish a revival comic? That's a no-brainer. On the plus side for fans would be that Saban probably doesn't share Disney's disregard for old TV on DVD, so fans will probably get the season-sets they've been clammoring for. Hell, if they'd include the seasons of the Japanese show(s) they were edited from, I'D buy them.


  16. BSDQ says:

    My opinion is pretty much the reverse of Bob's here. GL's outfit looks great, if a tad homogeneous colorwise. Its certainly better than what a straight port of his skintight outfit would look like, and I don't buy the armored look from “First Flight” working either. Too bulky. Maybe if they went for a more streamlined version of the Thor outfits…

    Speaking of which, I absolutely hate the costumes because of one important thing, or a lack thereof: the HELMETS. Where are my fucking HELMETS. Seriously, Thor? Loki? Even Odin doesn't have his, and its not like its an important part of his character! WTF, did helmets kill the costume designer's parents or something?! LAME.


  17. Dave says:

    Translation: realism is bad! rabble rabble!

    Costume looks great. I love how the pattern looks like musculature. Kind of reminds me of the stillsuits form that horrible 80s Dune movie. Sells the idea of the ring/costume as being part of each other and the idea that this isn't something he puts on so much as something that becomes a part of him.

    The mask is bloody terrible, however. Anfd I continue to maintain that RR is a much better match for Kyle rainer than Hal jordan. You want a square jawed Nathan Fillion type for HJ.

    I really don't get why people always bitch about the lack of tights. Tights make no sense. They look stupid. they are uncomfortable for the actors. there is no redeeming factor for tights aside from they were like than in the comic books. And if 100% comic accuracy is what you are looking for, why the hell do you care baout the movie?


  18. Diceman82 says:

    @movie bob

    I don't think the power rangers are due for a revival either nor do i think that saban has the money to really pour into say a movie for it mind you none of the movies were what i call spectacular but at the very least they were not batman & robin bad.

    as for a series revival ehhh technology now is much better than it was in the mid 90s so i guess the possibility of the special effects not looking like it was done in a garage is there.

    The GL outfit would probably look much better padded out to give it some depth ,some things work in CG and then there's THAT THING above.I think the thor costumes are fine bit campy but at least its not dragon ball evolution bad.


  19. Anonymous says:

    Dave, I disagree that tights make no sense. Tights allow you to move easily. Why do you think gymnasts wear skin-tight clothing? Normal clothing is too baggy; it bunches up and can restrict movement. Tights allow you to move your body through its full ranges of motion.


  20. Sofie Liv Pedersen says:

    No matter what happens, I will always hate Marvel Thor to the core, I wish I could like it just a tad, but it is a physicle impossibility for me as Marvel Thor physicle hurts me from the first moment I laid eyes on him, and my reasons are even very personal and nationality bound. It's for the same reasons that lots of greek people hate Disney's Hercules. I am Danish, I have lifed in Denmark all my life, I even look a hundred procent viking lady, with blond long hair blue eyes and short though not tiny. I know the northen mythologi, and I love the northen Mythologi, and I assure you Marvel borrow nothing but names from it, that's it. only the names, not even the way the vikings talks nor acts is like the norse mythologi, I always thought Marvel Thor sounded like a British white knight and not as a viking.

    button line is, I hate this project to the core, so it would prbably be the green Lantern I would go and watch


  21. Akkuma420 says:

    I feel you on that, but….. it is just a comic, its not really supposed to be on the actual mythology of it, Marvel just put there own spin on things, but at the same time, i can totally understand how it can strike a nerve.

    As for the Green Lantern…. I totally have a man crush on Ryan Reynolds and cant wait to see what he does with the role.
    I mean the man loves comics and has much respect for the characters and the Marvel universe and I cant see him destroying the role, but you never know i guess.
    I think the costume looks ok….. I just really hope this is an early concept.
    Either way though its not gonna be a factor on whether i see the movie or not, GL is a awesome character and i cant wait to see this movie.
    There is definitely room for improvement though.

    now….. as for Thor….. (sigh) I just really have a bad feeling about this movie.
    I'm really hoping for the best, cause i love Anthony Hopkins as Odin, i think that was pure genius casting right there, I'm just not to crazy about the costume design, it just looks a little to….. i dunno….. plastic and fake i guess. looks like that armor has never seen battle and they just had it made so they can stand around and look cool in front of each other. It would have been nice to have seen some tattered armor with maybe a few scuff marks and scratches, i mean not necessarily war torn, but mabye as though its been used before.
    But at the same time, i cant really cast judgment this early cause i really have no idea what im looking at in this picture, could be a flash back, could be new armor, they could have just come back from the dry cleaners, who knows.
    And I'm really not to impressed with Thor himself…. he seems just a tad bit to small to be the Mighty Thor, i wish he had beefed up just a little more.
    Just small gripes though, still gonna see the move regardless.
    I'm just not terribly optimistic about it. i just hope I'm wrong, i would love to see this movie do well.
    oh and Loki better have his horns, i mean i do understand how ridiculous it would look, but they need to have some kind of incarnation of them, its his calling card in a way.
    I'm also sure that Thor will put his helmet on at some point in the movie, its almost a must, its like Captain America without his shield. I just assume that he feels the same way i would, there really is no reason to be walking around with it on all day, it is a battle helmet after all.
    Just some thoughts though.


  22. Sofie Liv Pedersen says:


    sigh I even know that -_-

    I do love comic books and comic book adaptations, this is the one thing that really hurts me for reason I can't even explain myself, I should not take it personally yet it still hurts.
    I dreaded this project from the moment I heard “life action Thor” and I hate the fact I am not gonna be able to enjoy the “Avengers” movies because of such a dumb reason that both Thor and Loki is gonna be in it (good god, if there is a character I truly do hate more than thor… yeah it's Marvel Loki)

    And no! no horns! bad bad Akkuma for even suggesting that!


  23. Anonymous says:

    LOL….. there has to be horns though, even if there not absurdly large, its like his trade mark.
    I mean i can see the horns look very VERY stupid if they try n copy whats in the comic's, but they have to be there in some form.

    Sorry, wasn't trying to question your intelligence or anything on the subject of Thor or anything, and i totally feel your pain with the whole “Idea” of Thor movie, but since its gonna happen regardless of whether we want it or not, all we can do is hope for the best.

    Me personally, i would rather just not see it made, because like you said, it really is a rather silly concept to try put onto film unless they where just strait trying to copy Norse mythology, but since that isn't the case, i can see this movie getting a little silly.

    LOL @ Sofie…… ur funny.


  24. Anonymous says:

    Oh and before i get all kinds of hate from everyone, i meant “DC” universe, just had Thor on the mind at the time.
    My mistake.


  25. Akkuma420 says:

    DAMN IT…..
    Sorry to take up all kinds of space here, but forgot to tag the 2 comments above. seems Bob has been getting a little bit peeved that people aren't posting names.
    sorry again to chew up space.
    2 above comments by Akkuma420


  26. Sofie Liv Pedersen says:


    oh, I did not think you were questioning my intelligense at all, I myself can just see why my reasons would be a bit odd. and whiny… and sound like a 13 year old loser with glasses and a face which looks like pizza who thinks he is something cause he just saw a documentary about Norse mythologi on CNN your life will never be as interesting as this, now watch.

    And now because you praised me of being funny when I weren't even trying I am trying to force fun out -_-;

    anyway, thanks for the compliment, lets hope it carries out in my geeky nerdy enternet projects.


  27. Akkuma420 says:

    never thought any of that.
    I'm sure it will carry through, you seem to have some good insight on why you don't like what you see, and that's always interesting.
    I really enjoy it when people have an actual reason to disagree with something and not just hate it to just hate it.
    I know this is weird to ask on this little blog comment thing, but do you have a blog that i can follow or a yahoo sn so we can chat further.
    I'm really interested on what you would have to say on other movies.


  28. Sofie Liv Pedersen says:


    Yeah, I do have a blog, that is why I have an avatar while making these comments and others don't. the only thing you would need do is clicking on my username and it will lead you to my main page, there you will find two blogs. one called “Sofie's choices” which is my film blog, and the other one called “Sofie's everyday adventures” which is my everyday life blog, both blogs are fairly new, though on the film blog I did work quite hard the first month to lay out a ground basis for any film interested so it at least seems like something, and now I am just taking it a bit more with ease. At the moment I am working on a vidoe review thingy, I guess we'll just see how that works out :S


  29. Anonymous says:

    You know, if Bob wanted to, he could take away the need for anonymous posts, like he did for his other blogs. I say, go for it. Force us to respond with names. It won't do your page any more harm than good.


  30. Samuel James Newsome says:

    GL: If there's anything to get mad about, it's that they went with Jordan instead of Stewart, whose easily a better character and is probably more well loved after the Justice League cartoons. This suit looks way different, but while I'll admit the old one looks better, old school isn't ALWAYS the best route, and I don't think it's as bad as you say. Not to mention, DC's costumes are harder to adapt in a way that studios won't get embarrassed over.
    Thor: All the same, these do look a lot better. And that's coming from someone whose never read a proper Thor book.


  31. BFG says:

    John Stewart definitely made a lasting impression as an excellent character in the Justice League cartoons. Actually, all the founding members and quite a few of the extended crew from Justice League Unlimited did. Besides, John Stewart gets Hawkgirl. Hot damn.


  32. Troll with helping wheels says:

    Shut up, Fanboy! You're just mad it doesn't look exactly like the gay-ass comic version you fap to in your mom's basement
    P.S. Gee thanks xxx


  33. Anonymous says:

    The suit looks decent.

    The stance is a classic Green Lantern stance. Used on covers since the 70's…

    So you're saying all those are bad?


  34. underthepale says:

    While I don't think it's a BAD design, something about the shot does not sit with me. Maybe because it “looks” like a life shot, but “feels” like a CG image. That alone is enough to raise my hackles a bit, even if I like the lines on the body. Can't say I care for the lines on the arms though.

    Comparing it to the Batman movie design is a little disingenuine: At least you can SEE the GL logo on this one. How couldn't you, it's a fucking spotlight! I'm going to spend this movie waiting for him to do a Care Bear Stare…

    Problem is that WB has had more misses than hits in my book, so I don't have a ton of faith in this project. Maybe they'll shock me though.


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