Michael Bay TMNT Reboot Will Not Be as Good as This Short

How to get gobs of attention as short-filmmaker:

STEP 1: Adapt popular comic/game/toy/etc property from 1980s or early-90s.

STEP 2: Do really good job.

hat-tip: io9

13 thoughts on “Michael Bay TMNT Reboot Will Not Be as Good as This Short

  1. soldierhawk says:

    I actually liked the turtle suit myself. Looked very real, and quite…shelly, for lack of a better word, as a giant turtle should.

    The real win? Use of my favorite movie soundtrack of all time, John Murphy's Sunshine!


  2. NINJAMAN87 says:

    not bad it truly has a real ninja feel, costume kinda reminded me of the comic a bit with the firts movie mix in to it. altough the gang he fought look more similar to the purple dragons then the foot. the ninja action was something that the 80 cartoon lacked a bit…

    yeah i know the 80 cartoon was the one that everyone remembers and is quite fond of when thinking of tmnt but i never watch it and only played the games.

    personally i remember the 2003 version of the turtles wich is extremely well done and it took some great risks in story , but i do remember whatching the last season of the classic tmnt cause Tony Jay was in it.


  3. Aurabolt says:

    Although the foot weren't really Ninjas, I do see the true quality in this. Although April recognizing a rescuer would have made sense too; guess Raph really does come off as aggressive.


  4. Ezenwa says:

    I'm really surprised at the quality these fan made films can get. I guess the right amount of passion can unlock some potential. Either that, or maybe the entertainment industry should listen to the fans when it comes to certain subject matter.


  5. tyra menendez says:

    To anyone surprised by the quality, go rent Cronos, Del Toro's first movie. Made for about $2 million, in 1993, in Mexico. It looks better than some $10 million projects from the same time.

    The choreography could have been better and the front of the shell looked like it was paper mache. Still, you know it would be better than anything Bay puts out, as you could tell what the hell was going on. You know Bay's would look like an epileptic operated the camera and he'll have to find some way to shoehorn the military into it.


  6. CraftyAndy says:

    This is how the original turtles was in the comics. This is how it should of been in the first place. Kicking ass slitting throats and drinking beer. I realize after turtles II III and all the other crap that came out why someone like Bill Watterson (Calvin and Hobbes) kept such a tight grip on his characters.


  7. Chris Cesarano says:

    The first Ninja Turtles film was great, though, and still is really. In truth, I actually enjoy it more when it is mature yet family friendly. Turtles 2 and 3 do not stand the test of time due to focusing more on being “a kid's movie”, but the first one was just what it needed to be in order to remain relevant into adulthood.

    This short was pretty cool, but the camera during the action was too jumpy for me. Didn't get a clear shot of combat, just heard that apparently people were getting cut up. I imagine that could partly be due to lack of budget, though. Not going to be able to afford the choreography of a big budget flick, right?

    I'd still like to see a sequel to the animated TMNT since that was pretty good. Michael Bay produced TMNT? Ugh. Unless the actual team working on it is great, no way I can be interested.


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