Escape to The Movies: "Alex Cross"

Do you need to ask?

Intermission: “Let’s Remake ‘Star Wars'”

5 thoughts on “Escape to The Movies: "Alex Cross"

  1. Rory says:

    Haven't read the intermission yet, but gotta honestly say I'm pleasantly surprised at how reserved you're review of Cross was. Mainly cause I recall in your earlier videos on Youtube how you made no secret to how you hated his moves, and yes I think they're stupid. I mean, movie about crazy black lady played by obviously black guy in drag? No one explained to Tyler that the 90s were over!? Seriously it's like every In Living Color sketch wrapped into one. But did you watch him on the Colbert Report the other night, gawd what an egomaniac!? I don't think he was aware that Stephen's ego was an elaborate act, but now I can totally see this guy being so drunk on his success that he can just walk into the set of that Star Trek reboot and tell Abrams to put him in a role, and Abrams shrink like the wuss he probably is with a, “yessir' please don't rob me!” LOL! I didn't even bother to find out that skinhead was Matthew Fox LOL wanted him to just fade to obscurity after hating him so much on Lost. But yeah even in the trailers that villain looked unbelievably cliche to make me want to care, in fact this seemed like the kind of move Denzel Washington used to star in, right? Ironically I heard he gave a better turn for a villain performance in Safe House recently.

    And on that end note, how bittersweet is it that we finally get the He-Man video game we should have gotten, and it's for the fucking overpriced hipster-geek toy that sometimes, one can make phone calls on!? Really, after only a handful of games on the pre-NES consoles, and two mediocre ones off the 2002 series on the GBA and PS2 that only got a Europe release! Wouldn't it have been epic for a large-scale game to be a Wii-U launch title or the other hand held gaming devices?


  2. Anonymous says:

    It's not that surprising that this movie is pretty terrible. James Patterson is a ghostwriter-employing hack that crassly designs his oversaturated book series around appealing to idiots. They're shallow, simplistic, predictable, and entirely about lurid, unrealistic scenarios. There was no way they were making anything good from that source material.

    The best description of Patterson's work I ever saw: somebody at a used bookshop said he saw a woman stare really intently at the back cover of one of his books for several minutes trying to remember whether or not she read it.


  3. Alejandro says:

    re: Intermission, I actually would hope to see someone else as Indiana Jones. Just not a reboot or a remake, I'd like a stand alone sequel with recast parts. Like James Bond, which is one of the big inspirations for the series.

    As for the “War has changed” point, I think we should all remember Luke's original idea was joining the Imperial Academy: he just wanted to be a fighrer pilot on any side. It would be interesting to frame the war not as a WWII style huge conflict between large powers, but as what it really was: an insurgency against a central govt. I'd probably like to see more of the Empire being an asshole, but that'sprobably because I'm from a country that experienced a brutal dictatorship rather recently… I've always been been terrified by evil forces coming for the heroes at home in fantasy novels, like the Nazgul in LOTR, the wolves in the first Narnia book, the Fades and Trollocs in the first couple Wheel of Time books, and the death of Harry Potter's mother. All of those hit close to home. So yes, if it were up to me, I'd show the Stormtroopers blasting their way into the Skywalker home looking for the droids. SW being SW, there would be no place for a torture and/or execution scene, but I'd like to show Lars and Beru's desperation and impotence when soldiers start assaulting their home.


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