"Mr. Go" Is The Korean Gorilla-Baseball Movie You Didn’t Know You Were Waiting For

Hat-tip to BAD and Twitch for putting this one on my radar: “Mr. Go” is a Korean sports comedy(?) about an oversized gorilla who joins a baseball team:

Yup. That’s about all that’s needs saying, but hit the jump for a… “making-of trailer,” I guess (is that a more commonplace thing in Korean theaters?) that shows off their motion-capture tech (anyone who reads Korean care to tell me who Go’s mo-cap performer is?) and a little more of the plot – apparently there’s a second, presumably “evil” gorilla in there, too…

Go Big Or Go Extinct

Warner Bros. has released the previously WonderCon-exclusive longer trailer for Guillermo Del Toro’s “Pacific Rim,” which closes on a shot that – in a just world – should end up being the single most memorable image of the entire 2013 schedule. Holy. Shit….

I remain REALLY worried about the prospects for this one. Oh, it’ll almost certainly be a magnificent film… but I feel like the studio and others might be way overestimating the prospects for it. I’m loathe to admit it, but all the military/LeBeouf/Fox douchebag bullshit that Bay etc piled on top of “Transformers” is what got that first movie to open as a mainstream blockbuster instead of a niche nerdstalgia property. “Rim,” on the other hand, looks like much more of a “pure” version of what it is – a movie aimed at monster/robot/dinosaur/scifi-fixated 10 year-olds (and adults who never outgrew it) without much interest in getting “Fast & Furious’s” (unironic) audience into seats. That’s commendable, and will likely make for a better movie… but I can easily imagine Hollywood’s precious teen-bro demographic saying “This looks GAY!” and taking a pass.

But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe “The Avengers” has changed the game already in that regard. Does anyone reading this have kids and could maybe attest to whether or not they’re running ads/promos for this on Cartoon Network daytime or Nick or whatever? Because I think what’ll make the difference on this one is if it become a pre-release “must-see” among the actual children at whom this kind of material is always best received when done right. We’ll see.

Register Through ME For SGC 2013

ScrewAttack.com’s gaming con, SGC, is returning June 21 – 23 of this year and I’ll be a guest: Doing some panels, hanging out and I’m hoping to have a supply of books to sell and/or signby then as well.

Registration is still open, and if you do it through THIS LINK you’ll be directly supporting me and The Game OverThinker series. So… think about doing that, please 🙂

"Thor: The Dark World" Teaser Trailer (UPDATED!)

This will be showing up in front of “Iron Man 3.” There’s not especially much to report other than “bigger, darker, the gang’s all back, etc.,” (7 to 1 odds says Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster doesn’t make it out of this alive, I’d wager) but we do get a look at Malekith the Accursed, and it’s nice of them to wait for the final shot to answer everyone’s top question. Director is Alan Taylor, late of a bunch of “Game of Thrones” episodes.


Below, the trailer for “R.I.P.D.,” which appears to be based on the premise of “Men in Black” not already being too similar “Ghostbusters.” Ryan Reynolds is Will Smith, Jeff Bridges is Tommy Lee Jones, they’re deceased police officers drafted into an afterlife law-enforcement outfit that runs down rogue souls.