Who Is This For?

Is Netflix regretting making a six-movie deal with Adam Sandler yet? They’re more than halfway through the cycle now, and I don’t recall any big press about how well they were doing – which in this day and age generally means the answer is “not very.” They’ve all looked fairly expensive (for mass-market comedies) as well, so it feels like someone might be taking a bath on these.

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Anxious White Men

So, apparently this tweet got kinda popular:

Do I stand by it (and the rest of the “tweet chain?”) Yeah, pretty much. I tend to regard social media as a stream of consciousness kind of thing, i.e. if I have something to say I think might deserve quoting or preserving, I’ll put it here or into one of the shows. But once in awhile I guess a solid thought sneaks out amidst all the shouting into the void. Continue reading