“I empathize, but I will not sympathize.”

Absolute barn-burner of a piece today over on Esquire from Charles Pierce, on the subject of coddling so-called “regretful” Trump voters. I’ve been on this particular train for awhile now (to be perfectly frank: I already disliked these people when they were “only” stupid – why should I become more sympathetic when they¬†add racist/fascist or supportive ofthe same to the mix?) but it’s nourishing to hear it presented with so much genuine perspective and (yes) appropriate empathy. Continue reading

Who Is This For?

Is Netflix regretting making a six-movie deal with Adam Sandler yet? They’re more than halfway through the cycle now, and I don’t recall any big press about how well they were doing – which in this day and age generally means the answer is “not very.” They’ve all looked fairly expensive (for mass-market comedies) as well, so it feels like someone might be taking a bath on these.

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