Australian TMNT Poster Features Exploding Skyscraper, Falling Bodies… and a 9/11 Release Date


Tweeted by the official Paramount Australia Twitter account (UPDATE: Tweet deleted, here’s a screengrab)

Too bad, too – artwork wise it’s among the better advertising this has had.

Oh, and regarding the (otherwise reasonable) point that this is an Australian poster not meant for U.S. audiences more likely to be sensitive about this particular juxtaposition: Ten Australian citizens died in the 9/11 attacks.

The Weekend’s News: SDCC 2014 Edition

Long week/weekend, so you probably missed SOME news. Catch up with it now by clicking through these lovely links!

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MIKE TYSON MYSTERIES animated series coming to Adult Swim

First trailer for MAD MAX: FURY ROAD

Woman injured, handicapped family’s car attacked during SDCC Zombie Walk

AGE OF ULTRON footage debuts at SDCC

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY sequel already announced for 2017

ANT-MAN characters and story revealed by Marvel

5 minutes of THE SIMPSONS vs FAMILY GUY crossover


BOX-OFFICE: The Rock gets beat up by LUCY

Uncut Japanese POWER RANGERS to make U.S. debut

All three CAPTAIN AMERICA directors will work on AGENT CARTER

GAME OF THRONES Season 5 has a new cast

I interviewed the makers of hipster-Creationism dud I ORIGINS

Racial satire DEAR WHITE PEOPLE has a full trailer

Do you remember the 70s DOCTOR STRANGE movie?

MARVEL will have an unnamed third movie in 2018

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WALKING DEAD gets a Season 5 Trailer

STAR WARS REBELS first trailer reveals new cast