Hey there!

I’ll be making my first ever appearance on the Canadian convention circuit at ConBravo this weekend! If you’re going, here’s the places and times you can find me in terms of panels and events.

I’ll also be out and about and will likely find at least a few hours to set up for autographs and selling copies of SMB3: Brick By Brick; but even if you just see me walking the floor by all means feel free to say hi (I might have books with me then, too.)

Here’s how things look…

FRIDAY 7/18 8PM: Game OverThinker Panel
Location: Room 314
FYI: This is happening right after Linkara & Mike Dodd’s Marvel Cinematic Universe panel in the same room. Like previous OverThinker panels at SGC and MAGFest, this is going to be Q&A/audience-interaction time – however, depending on some things that are still up in the air please, it’s highly possible that people attending this panel will be the first members of the public to hear some big news concerning the future of this series.

FRIDAY 7/18 10PM: World’s Most Frustrating Game Show
Location: Webster ABC
I’ll be honest: I have very little idea what this actually is or entails, but there’s a great crew of folks lined up and I’m looking forward to doing something fun and wacky.

SUNDAY 7/20 10AM: Exploring The Platformer
Location: Chedoke A
Gaijin Goomba and I will talk the history and appeal of the platformer genre. Should be interesting.

In addition, it tends to happen at these things that I run into colleagues and friends who’re looking for extra deckhands and I usually say yes (wound up on a reviewer panel with a huge chunk of Channel Awesome last MAGFest – that was a treat!) so keep tuned to my Twitter @The_MovieBob for updates as to where I am and where I plan to be.

Looking forward to seeing everybody there!

The Day’s News 7/9/14

So. You’ve probably noticed that the blog has been a bit sparse of late, owing to me doing more news-item posts for The Escapist than for here.

Starting today, I’m going to try and change that by doing (when possible) daily summary-posts of news I’ve reported there – please, feel free to comment and chat about them. Note: there will be some “older” stories on this once, since it’s the first:

First Promo Image of Superman From DAWN OF JUSTICE

Opie & Anthony’s Anthony Cumia Fired For Racist Rant

Brandon Routh Will Play The Atom on ARROW

TRANSFORMERS Writer to Script Disney’s Live-Action DUMBO

Christian Bale is Moses in Ridley Scott’s EXODUS: GODS & KINGS

Greenpeace Viral Vid Spoofs THE LEGO MOVIE Over Shell Oil Partnership

Real Evil.

Addendum to Tuesday’s show: You think Michael Bay is evil? You think TRANSFORMERS movies are civilization on the brink? No. On balance, Michael Bay is harmless. You want to see evil onscreen? Rick Santorum is making movies now:

You want to talk about evil? A feature-length propaganda movie celebrating a culture’s slide back into dark ages barbarism is evil. Agitating AGAINST the improvement and progress of a society via the lessening of the influence of superstition and pointless “moral” self-denial/self-hatred is evil. Advocating for ignorance is evil.

There are two kinds of people in the world. Thinkers and Believers.