The New Classics

So. As of earlier this morning, the playlists on the main YouTube channel for IN BOB WE TRUST and GAME OVERTHINKER have been updated to include remastered versions of the content produced for ScrewAttack back in 2015. You can view the full playlists via the links here, but the full roster of individual episodes will be posted below the jump.

It’s possible, depending on when you started following me and/or my work, that you’ve already seen all of these episodes; but it’s equally possible that you missed or forgot one here or there. Either way, along with the convenience of having this all in one place now, every view that these versions now get will go directly to the main MovieBob Channel traffic-count – so if you’re a fan and you’ve got a few minutes to spare here and there, giving some of your favorite episodes from this period a re-watch and/or sharing them with friends would be doing me and my operation here a big help.

As always, thanks for watching 🙂

Widow’s Peak
Blurry Road
Who is Marvel’s Worst Hero?
Captain N: Totally Underrated
Does Batman Need a New Origin?
Fantastic Four Sucks – Now What?
Nazi Stuff in Dragon Ball Z?
Will Superhero Movies Die?
Schlocktober: When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth
Schlocktober: Infra-Man
Schlocktober: Ninja Gaiden – The Anime
Schlocktober: The Manitou
Will Warcraft Be Any Good?
Who’s The Best Marvel Movie Villain?
Batman V Superman V ???
Top Ten Movies of 2015 – Part I
Top Ten Movies of 2015 – Part II

Nintendo WTF?
Gamers Are Not Dead
Violence Is (Still) Golden
In Defense of Video Games
Jackie Chan Should Be In Smash Bros
Lost Girls
Is Piracy Ever Justified?
Can The Nintendo NX Save The World?
Make More Makers!
An Angry Birds Movie!?
When Did Gamers Become Wimps?
The Big Lie
Dumber Alive
The Smashing Seven
Amiibo: Most Wanted
Never Forget

These remastered re-uploads are possible in part thanks to generous contributions to The MovieBob Patreon.


Short, sweet and to the point: The annual SCHLOCKTOBER tradition (formerly of The Big Picture, now of In Bob We Trust) will return for all five Mondays of October, which will mean five brand new episodes focusing on five mystery movies. This always works out to be a pretty fun run of shows, so I hope everyone enjoys it again this time – I’ve got some strange stuff lined up 🙂

Meanwhile, the “remastered” uploads of the 2015 “ScrewAttack Era” episodes of both shows to the main MovieBob channel has continued, and I recommend everyone check out both playlists (i.e. In Bob We Trust and Game OverThinker) because there’s a lot of new stuff in there now. I’ll be posting a full roster of links once the whole batch has been fully updated, but for now here’s the four SCHLOCKTOBER episodes from 2015 to get you back in the mood – enjoy!

These productions are made possible in part by continuing contributions to The MovieBob Patreon. If you enjoy this content and want to see more, please consider becoming a Patron.

Patreon Update 9/20/2016

The MovieBob Patreon has been updated with a new video-introduction clarifying current status and laying out new goals and potential upcoming projects. If you are not already a Patron, please considering becoming one if you want to support more new MovieBob productions.

ALSO: Episodes of In Bob We Trust and Game OverThinker that were originally produced for the ScrewAttack incarnation of each series are now being uploaded to the MovieBob YouTube Channel in “remastered” form in order to create a comprehensive playlist of each.

Episodes are going up a few at a time, so check back for updates, but for now the roster includes newly-updated versions of the following:

Nintendo WTF?

Widow’s Peak
Blurry Road