What Do The People Want?

Let’s not mince words: While I’m busier right now than I’ve ever been in terms of producing content and publishing work, you wouldn’t know it to look at these blogs.

In a lot of ways, social media has replaced the personal blog as a way to get one’s work out onto the web – there’s no way I would’ve seen the growth in web presence, visibility and professional connections I’ve had over the last two years in the pre-Twitter era; and while I’m immensely grateful for it I do feel like something has been lost (from me and from other folks) in terms of permanence and a “hub” for interacting with fans (or with cretins who just show up to cause trouble – sometimes that’s fun too.)

I’m in the process of changing that.

As you may know, the current version of the Game OverThinker – my current main “creator-owned” project – is coming to an end (a little more slowly than I had hoped, because complications spring eternal) and will be re-launched sometime in early to mid 2015 as a newer, more ambitious creation possibly entailing more than one ongoing production. But I’ve also come to the decision that I want to produce more independent content related to topics other than video games – that I want to establish a presence (primarily but not exclusively through YouTube and/or similar venues) where my voice is my own, top to bottom.

And that likely means establishing a site of my own.

Not “just” a blog, but a space where I can manage and catalog all of my work for ease of access, so that (for example) folks who find me via Game OverThinker can immediately and easily also find my work for The Escapist, my independent videos and articles, my social media presence, etc. I don’t 100% know what form that site will take (I’ll probably have to engage the services of a site-builder and/or maintainer – though this is NOT a solicitation for that job) and I’m not 100% sure how I want to run/fund it (Patreon is obviously an option, but I’m not ready to pull that trigger yet.)

BUT! Just to get some feelers out there: What would you, folks who read these blogs or follow me or my work in various spaces, like to see in such a space? I mean both in terms of content – would you like to see longer-form movie reviews? Retro-reviews? Commentaries? Game reviews? Let’s plays? Vlogs? Comedy business? You tell me. I can’t promise I’ll do every single thing people want me to do (and I have some ideas of my own, already) but it’d be nice to see what the general mood is.

So, fire away!