Note: The following originally appeared as a series of Tweets, regarding me trying to dial back on oversharing-while-infuriated.


Apparently, I’ve lost some follows by being politically angry on social media. If that’s news to you, congratulations – you don’t follow (or haven’t drawn the attention) of self-righteous trolls who collect angry-sounding sentences and spread them around out of context to rile others up against users whom they object to in some way.

My instinct on that is to be “whatever” about it,¬†because A.) In the broader context of what I do, I honestly don’t consider my particular “angry” brand to be all that poisonous,¬†and B.) I’m not sure how one is NOT supposed to be angry when the people you’re railing against are, increasingly, literal Nazis. Continue reading

Easter UPDATE!

So, this is more of an update that’s being posted ON Easter, rather than an update specifically having to do with Easter. Would’ve been posted on Saturday, but my day-to-day timeline is a little on the wonky side right now (see below) so… yeah. In any case, wanted to give an update on where things stand on a handful of projects: Continue reading

Further Adventures in PODCASTING

Just for fun, this time you get to hear (some) of our grappling with Skype drop-outs and the awkwardness of audio-syncing. It’s still not perfect, but it’s improved and I think I cracked the overall issue in the editing – at least in the sense that my overriding issue hasn’t been “how to do this” but rather “how to do this without adding another 6 hour editing project to my regular schedule.”

Enjoy, and please keep in mind that the bulk of these projects are only possible through your support of The MovieBob Patreon.

Game OverThinker LISTS Update

Firstly, little illustration: The below video has been hit with a copyright claim by Nintendo, which means that while you can watch it; your views don’t contribute any revenue back to yours truly. The content claimed, just to be clear, wasn’t game-streaming footage: It’s clips from freely-available ads, commercial spots and trailers widely disseminated to other gaming media outlets and broadly available otherwise. The logic in that kind of escapes me, but if I dispute it any further and the corporation refuses to budge it can impact the existence of my whole YouTube channel – so, basically, as a content creator I have to suck it up whether in the right nor not.

And hey, look – the business is the business. Suffice it to say, for those wondering why The MovieBob Patreon continues to be a vital system of support, this is exactly why. And your continued contributions are deeply, deeply appreciated.

In any case, the reason for re-posting can be found at 6:05

Continue reading

Ides of Merch


So. One of the big new features on this nice new blog is that I’ve finally got a Merchandise Shop, which currently features links to buy my books and… not a whole lot else. I’m actively working to change that by getting into the T-shirt game, so I’d like to start hearing from fans what they might want to see on shirts. Continue reading