Here it is! Was it worth waiting almost six months of total production time for? That’s for you to judge.

This definitely took more raw work, research, writing and rewriting than any other episode prior – especially since there’s two whole more segments to this than to any previous episodes. Is that too much? Maybe, but I felt like it was important to get it all in there together. Either way, you can see a pair of teasers for the next two (planned) episodes, and neither one should be nearly as labor intensive or take nearly as long.

As ever, if you enjoy this kind of material and want to see it continue, The MovieBob Patreon would love your support 🙂

P.S. Episode of this series are often hit early by bogus YouTube ContentID claims. If the video disappears or doesn’t play, know that we’re working to fix it and to get alternate versions up in the meantime.


  1. Mason Luxenberg says:

    You’re actually going to do the Really That Bad. YOU MAGNIFICENT BASTARD!!!!

    I am SUPER excited to see what form that takes, and have been excited since you announced it as a possibility like 6 months ago.

    Keep being awesome!!


  2. Jędrzej says:

    Bob, please.

    The rapidfire delivery works well for 6 minute reviews. But when you speak about various, quite complicated philosophical or cultural concepts in the same, speedy (dare I say almost ZeroPunctuantion-esque) cadence for almost an hour…
    It felt almost exhausting to hear.

    Now, I’m not a native English speaker, but I’ve started to learn about 20 years ago and I’ve using this language actively, for business and pleasure for way over a decade, and I still had to stop and rewind in a couple of places (specifically the part about Clarke’s third law and the one about bodhisattvas).

    Now that would be ok, but it didn’t help.
    Other than that, great video, would love to see a more chilled out version, or a transcript at least.



  3. mattygsite says:

    Note: I’ve never watched the sequels.

    I find your analysis of the sequels criticizing the original film, but I can’t help but feel that, if that kind of criticism is intended, it really undermines the intent of the first film. If the last two films present a theme that “revolution” is a joke and that we ought to learn to abide with the system, rather than challenge it, that really undercuts how the revolutionary themes interact with the trans themes in the original.

    “All you people who feel that your identities are being crushed by a patriarchal system that sees you more as a cog in a machine than as a unique human being with autonomy, have you considered just making peace with the system? You don’t need to resist the patriarchy. If you just work very politely with them, I’m sure they’ll allow you your own place to exist.”

    Sure, the original Matrix is probably overly simplistic in its revolutionary themes, but this lukewarm acceptance of the status quo seems much more harmful for me. Sure, immigrant families might be happier living in American culture than in their own countries, but in the real world, the sad states of many of these nations are the result of Western imperial systems that have plundered and dominated them for centuries. Neo’s comfortable middle-class position that he resists is supported on a foundation of unethical, global economic policies. Focusing on a white man resisting the system might be a little iffy, but focusing on a white man deciding that the system is really alright and we should all just learn to get along with it and that resistance is a joke is even more pandering to that “you are already doing the right thing,” mentality you discuss, in an even more destructive way in my opinion.


  4. Ansgar says:

    It funny that you make a five minute disclaimer that you are not going to discuss transgender issues. I think the whole argument is bogus from the start. Chimpanzees don’t write the better scientific papers about apes. If you want to overcome American economic imperialism learn another language and immerse into another culture but don’t get into the anti-whiteness nonsense.

    I agree with most of the rest.


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