Innevitably-shitty movie gets fantastic trailer

Are we still obligated to pretend that it’s a surprise that Michael Bay – who’s entire skillset is creating the kind of brief action tableaus that look good when arranged out-of-context into a trailer – gets a great-looking trailer? Below, the 2nd (final?) ad for “Transformers 3: Dark of The Moon,” which I’m assuming will be seen in front of tons of showings of the punishingly-stupid “Fast Five” this weekend.:

Yes, yes, VERY well-cut trailer – even down to the umpteenth ripoff of the “Inception” BWAAAAAAHMMM! DUMDUMDUMDUMDUMDUM BWAAAAAAAAHM!!!!! music cues – but look between the lines and it’s clear that NOTHING has changed: The mecha-design still looks like shit, the robots are still indistinguishable from eachother, the army/conspiracy bullshit is still taking up plotspace and the “main” story is still going to revolve around Shia dragging a vapid piece of arm-candy through CGI explosions by the elbow.

This is the last one, right? I want to be able to kick-off the countdown to when someone who knows what they’re doing takes over, reboots the franchise and erases this shit from the pop-culture memorysphere.

Game OverThinker Episode 50

“War of The Thinkers,” for anyone who doesn’t follow the other blog, represents the 7th and final episode of an in-series “mini-story” for The Game OverThinker. Take a look, if the mood strikes you…

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So… there it is, have at it. In addition to further episodes of the regular series, I’m planning to have some making-of, retrospective stuff up in the near future to elaborate on certain points; but just a few things real quick while we’re all here:

If some of the post-transformation looks oddly-sped-up, there is nothing wrong with your computer or ScrewAttack’s player (at least not in regards to this.) What you’re seeing is mostly an attempt to artficially replicate a high shutter-speed with video, coupled with some “OMG a whole fucking day of shooting captured all wiggy for some reason!!!”

My favorite joke in the whole bloody enterprise is at 10:21.

Credit where credit is due: My best friend Tim Luz and my brother Chris did not only 99% of the cinematography on this, but they’ve done 99% of the “when you see me” shooting on the entire series up to this point – the unsung heroes of The Game OverThinker. In addition, that’s Chris in the AntiThinker “true form” costume, and doubling me in the over-the-shoulder “Fake Shemp” shots.

The fake blood you see in the “splatter” shots is store-brand vegetable juice, and the “chest-punch” torrent is a mix of tomato soup, water and cherry gelatin-mix – every single drop of “prop gore” spilled was not only nontoxic and biodegradable, but edible. The “chopped” tree limb was an unrelated (to the tree) piece of debris being held up offscreen. NO portion of all that beautiful forest land that provided such a nice backdrop for this whole production was polluted, despoiled or otherwise harmed by our filmming; a commitment we all made and stuck to.

Looking back now, I kinda want to go back and stick the “Rise From Your Grave!!!” sound from Altered Beast over the “ressurection;” but nah – I’m DONE editing this bloody thing 😉

The “origin story” alluded to be The OverThinker is more-or-less “true,” and will probably be elaborated upon in the future. (I’m only making MOST of this up as we go along.)

“Cloaked Figure” aka “Monster-Voice Guy” DOES already have an identity, I already know who/what he is, what his “deal” is, etc; and you’ll hopefully find out exactly what that is in the near(ish) future.

Yes, that last bit is referencing Rev Rants’ video. NO, I’m not “calling him out,” looking to start shit, or even outright wholesale disagreeing with him; my position is more on the lines of “except when it is.” I see the “Fun is Not Enough” thing quoted around a lot, often used (incorrectly, unless I misunderstood Rev’s initial point) as a “takedown” of smaller titles and casual/retro stuff… and yeah, I’m on the other side of that. But otherwise? Rev is alright with me 😉