And now you want to see "Immortals"

First trailer for Tarsem Singh’s “Immortals,” starring Superman-to-be Henry Cavill, looks like “300” as reimagined as a JRPG by the most hyper-emotional kid in your Mixed Media 101 art class…

…I approve.

17 thoughts on “And now you want to see "Immortals"

  1. Arturo says:

    …but now I'm sad because before it comes out everybody's going to be like “YEAH, AWESOME!” and then when they see it they will be like “Yeah, that was stupid”. And then I'll be like “Well, if you had to question why was that one guy swinging a fire chain whip without winking at the camera or laughing his ass off, this is probably not the film for you.”

    …and then if Bob likes it, he'll get a goddamn firestorm on his inbox. Again. For like the upteenth time.


  2. Ben says:

    If there's one thing that two years of Classical Studies have taught me, it is this: Theseus was a HUGE douche.

    Related: what the hell. How can Theseus be fighting Titans?
    …yeah, I'm gonna find this film hard to like.


  3. Popcorn Dave says:

    Ugh. I teally hate 300-style CGI panoramas, they look so damn ugly. The mishmash of styles looks potentially interesting, but I hope there's more to the story than is evident here. Fight for honour, last defence of our homeland, fate, destiny, do not defy the gods, etc etc, blah blah, why do people still watch this shit? The magic laser bow looks quite fun, in an “ironic 80s cartoon” sort of way. But no, personally this trailer's not doing a thing for me.

    And why the fuck is everything orange in these films?


  4. WilhelmVonHaig says:

    Doesn't look like it will be Singh's best offering so far, but then again it would have to be pretty amazing to top the fall.
    Juts a note to everyone: please stop calling this inaccurate (“theseus was a douche”etc). Those are made up stories, not historical events. people have been changing the details of those legends since ancient Greece. There is no definitive right or wrong version, and theres really no reason that Tarsem Singh can't make up his own versions to tell the story.


  5. Ben says:


    The Bible is a load of made-up stories that have been changed over the years as well. Hasn't stopped anybody from obsessively believing in it and taking it as universal truth.

    You realise that in a lot of ways '300' was an incredibly accurate movie? Historically, probably not. But as the Spartans would have told the tale, it's totally spot on, right down to the monstrous Persians and the oiled and sweaty warriors.
    300? Fine. Percy Jackson? A-OK. Clash of the Titans? Yeah, alright.
    This? this is just fucking around. Sure, you can rewrite Medea to have her kill her children as Euripides did, but you can't rewrite it so Medea fights Achilles at Troy except on the Empire State Building. Myth is malleable, but it's not made of damned plasticene; think of it like superhero continuity, if that helps.


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