Catching Up

WWWWwwwooooooowwwww I did not mean to not update this for a week.

Basically, I had a busy weekend that involved traveling to Los Angeles, which meant last week was a “do all the work PLUS stuff you’d usually be doing on the weekend” crunch-time, and “re-post to personal blog stuff you’ve already disseminated through social-media” was the first thing to get set aside. SO! Then, here’s where we’ve been:

I wrote about BLACK JESUS in light of the ongoing disaster in Ferguson, Missouri.


EXPENDABLES 3 was actually kinda okay… but nobody cared.

Yes, we’re all going to miss ROBIN WILLIAMS.

DOCTOR STRANGE will NOT be an origin movie.

BOB’S BURGERS wins a well-deserved Best Animated Program Emmy.

David Hasselhoff was NICK FURY once.

You almost got a FEMALE LINK in Hyrule Warriors.

Marvel is still talking up an INHUMANS movie.

The original TMNT MOVIE really was that good, and NEXT MUTATION no longer looks that bad.

TOKYO TRIBE coming to U.S. Cool.

News of The Weekend

The first two CAPTAIN AMERICA movies ever weren’t very good

MARVEL releases SDCC recap video

DEAD ISLAND movie still happening, for some reason

Marvel is doing… something with SQUIRREL GIRL

DIGIMON’s season one heroes return to 2015 series

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is a huge hit (duh)

SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS sequel goes live-action/3D

GHOSTBUSTERS rebooted with all-female team?

STUDIO GHIBLI is closing or maybe not

The meaning of SHARKNADO

Sony wants you to think they’re making a female SPIDER-MAN spin-off