Snow Day

And so it’s Christmas Morning. Cheers to all those celebrating (or just enjoying a day off) – double cheers and thanks to those working anyway, hope and courage to those in a place they would rather not be that it may change soon.

Aiming for a review of “Wonder Woman 1984” to be up in the near term, until then those who’ve not enjoyed this week’s most recent episode (which comes with “Mandalorian” Season 2 SPOILER WARNINGS) are encouraged to do so:

Impending Ennui

People who’ve followed my work for… however long it’s been my work know that “The Holidays” are typically when I try and substitute my own personal tendency to be moody and restless this time of year in a “one more down and where am I?” sense with lots of ‘banked’ content and year-end housekeeping; so it should surprise nobody that this year is a little on the “even moodier” side what with basically nothing to “bank” and even more of an uncertain future to look forward to. I can’t even fathom assembling a meaningful “Year’s Best” list when I don’t feel like I’ve seen enough of anything, and any kind of “What do I hope to accomplish in the new year” projections will A.) have to wait for The Vaccine (and even then, who the hell knows?) and B.) are functionally the same as they were last year as COVID-19 not only stopped my forward momentum dead in it’s tracks in the general/overall sense, it’s actually knocked my whole situation (professional, personal, health, etc) backwards and out of whack in a number of small-to-medium ways – not all of which are for public discourse. Continue reading

Alive In Boston

Yes, I’m back. This site isn’t dead, and neither am I, one simply had… quite a few things going on and a few two many separate places to be updating and eventually the one that belong only to himself had to take the back seat. Is that a healthy illustration of the way one runs his life? Not at all, but here we are.

There are, I acknowledge, questions to be answered and updates to be had about the state of things – this personal one-stop site getting back up to regular running is, you may have gathered, part of a general reordering of life following a lot of personal upheaval involving the pending end of my country’s four years of political hell, the (hopeful) beginning of the end for the the literal plague-year that capped it off and my not-precisely-disastrous but also not-precisely-expected (at least not all at once in this moment in time…) return to indie-creator status. So there’s some “What’s up?,” “What next?,” etc to be dealt with… and other things, certainly. In due time.

For now, I’d just like to welcome everyone back, hope that we’re all doing… as well as can be expected under the circumstances; invite you to check out recent reviews of “MANK,” “SOUL,” the most recent BIG PICTURE on the Warner Bros HBO/MAX gambit and please enjoy the latest (extremely overdue) “REALLY THAT GOOD”