Impending Ennui

People who’ve followed my work for… however long it’s been my work know that “The Holidays” are typically when I try and substitute my own personal tendency to be moody and restless this time of year in a “one more down and where am I?” sense with lots of ‘banked’ content and year-end housekeeping; so it should surprise nobody that this year is a little on the “even moodier” side what with basically nothing to “bank” and even more of an uncertain future to look forward to. I can’t even fathom assembling a meaningful “Year’s Best” list when I don’t feel like I’ve seen enough of anything, and any kind of “What do I hope to accomplish in the new year” projections will A.) have to wait for The Vaccine (and even then, who the hell knows?) and B.) are functionally the same as they were last year as COVID-19 not only stopped my forward momentum dead in it’s tracks in the general/overall sense, it’s actually knocked my whole situation (professional, personal, health, etc) backwards and out of whack in a number of small-to-medium ways – not all of which are for public discourse.

Basically, I’m glad I managed to get the Adam Sandler episode up and completed and that the trigger is (kind of? mostly?) ready to get pulled on at least a few gestational projects that require… y’know, being able to work non-remotely with other human beings outside and without an excess of cumbersome antivirus precautions regularly whenever that becomes possible to do again. Until then, my hope is fixed on the end of the Trump administration and the Vaccine-mitigation of COVID gradually allowing for the return to the moviegoing side of my business; both for financial reasons and because I’d really like to do things outside my f***ing house and see my friends again.

Until then, I will be continuing to produce what content I can, as I can, for you all – and will attempt as best I’m able to be either as not-miserable or miserable-but-entertaining-about-it as I can be. That includes both new content and also re-uploads of “classic” material; as you may have noticed that older and even more recent material produced for sites like The Escapist have begun to cease presence on their channels as they will be being uploaded to mine – though I will be making concerted efforts to ensure that fans who have enabled YouTube alerts are NOT getting “the bell” for every single uploaded older video especially if they are posted in bulk (though I do remind folks that even if you’ve seen a “classic episode” before, a quick click or link to your family/friends adds up tangible, real-world-earnings support for your’s truly, so… y’know.)

In any case, here’s an unscheduled new(is) upload to help illustrate, a “BIGGER PICTURE” compilation episode remixed from BP, ESCAPE TO THE MOVIES and OVERTHINKER episodes into a fresh one-off – enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Impending Ennui

  1. C.S.Strowbridge says:

    “have to wait for The Vaccine (and even then, who the hell knows?) ”

    I’m not expecting to get vaccinated in Canada until September. Maybe I will get lucky and get it a month earlier, but odds are we don’t return to a real sense of normal until the end of summer.


  2. Brett says:

    It’s a huge drag to miss all the Christmas family celebrations and festivities (I’m not complaining about the Covid rules, just being wistful). I can only imagine how much it sucks to have to spend it completely alone, away from family.


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