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ROUGH NIGHT: “…about as far removed from Paul Feig’s leisurely improvisational ‘feelgoodism’ as you can get.” (full review)

CARS 3: “Basically, we’re revisiting Pixar’s second favorite subject after Things-That-Don’t-Typically-Speak-Speaking-With-Surprising-Philosophical-Depth: Male obsolescence anxiety.” (full review)

Thoughts On Repetition


It’s actually somewhat rare that I second-guess myself on anything to do with my various projects shared with you folks here.

That sounds arrogant, but I genuinely feel like about 80% of it is a function of working on a pretty breakneck schedule: With the exception of episodes that require extra research/prep or are held for specific times of the year, your average episode of IN BOB WE TRUST takes shape in my head around Saturday night/Sunday morning and gets worked on into the overnight Sunday for a Monday morning release. I actually prefer doing it this way, because it keeps things about as current as I can keep them and let’s me react to things in a pretty immediate way. Continue reading