Review – “MS. MARVEL” (2022)

Well Now Everyone Knows

So in case you hadn’t heard, in addition to my own work I’ve also over the past year become part of the writing staff at Matthew Patrick’s FILM THEORY Channel over on YouTube – great team, exceedingly glad to be onboard. This weekend, it got all sorts of “onscreen official” around the 2:48 mark… nifty!

So yeah by all means PLEASE check this one out and share it WIDELY to all of your friends, family, colleagues – like, subscribe, leave comments, etc. Yes, that’s a MUCH bigger channel than our indie operation here but a lot of people work REALLY hard on each of these pieces and every little bit helps 👍

Let Ben Affleck NOT Be Batman (New Big Picture)

It used to be people had trouble letting actors move on from genre roles that made them famous in beloved series. Now we demand they stay in parts they hated even when the properties were total failures in the vague hope we can cybermob them back to life. What about when the performers themselves keep telling us they just don’t WANT TO? Because, seriously – people are being WEIRD about not letting Ben Affleck just… NOT be Batman anymore.