The New Oldness

Some business to attend:

Those who mainly followed via the YouTube channel will recall that over the last 2 years most of the daily uploads were remasters of “classic” Big Picture episodes as my renegotiated contract with The Escapist at the time had allowed for me to reclaim my rights to such. The further conclusion of that contract having now also allowed  me to reclaim the rights to my other content produced there, you’ll start to see “Escape to The Movies” and post-“return” Big Picture episodes being posted to the Channel at a rate of about 1-2 per day until I’ve got them all migrated over and monetized. For example, just now this review of DRAGON QUEST: YOUR STORY (2019) is now live; and reviews for “SONIC THE HEDGEHOG” and “BLOOD QUANTUM” I’ll embed after the jump:

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Snow Day

And so it’s Christmas Morning. Cheers to all those celebrating (or just enjoying a day off) – double cheers and thanks to those working anyway, hope and courage to those in a place they would rather not be that it may change soon.

Aiming for a review of “Wonder Woman 1984” to be up in the near term, until then those who’ve not enjoyed this week’s most recent episode (which comes with “Mandalorian” Season 2 SPOILER WARNINGS) are encouraged to do so: