Good Enough Movies: UNDERCOVER BROTHER (2002)

Been wanting to do this one for awhile. IMO one of the sharper pseudo-mainstream social-satires of the early-2000s, unfairly overlooked because it was doing race and anti-“respectability politics” humor at a moment when everything else was doing war/presidential humor. I feel like if it had come out a few years later, it would’ve been a franchise.

ALL-NEW Chipman Bros. Tangent Podcast!

My brother and I talk Adam West, JUMANJI, SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING and Chris watching BLADE RUNNER for the first time. Listen HERE.

NOTE: This podcast is now being supported through Chris Chipman’s new Patreon. If you like what I do, I think you’ll like the things he’s planning to do as well – and I heartily recommend that you consider offering him some support in his efforts.

Chipman Bros Tangent Podcast – SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!

Hey gang!

Time to announce a small change of arrangement to one of our projects, the Chipman Bros. Tangent Podcast. I’d been doing the bulk of recording and production work on that since the start, but because even I have my limits in terms of hours in the day the basic upkeep of that particular project (a new episode of which is coming shortly) will now be headed up by my brother and Podcast partner, Chris Chipman. To that end, Chris has established a Patreon of his own to fund and promote both the production of The Tangent Podcast and other creative audio/video projects of his own – you can find more information (and Chris’ Patreon itself) by going HERE: Continue reading