Game OverThinker LISTS Update

Firstly, little illustration: The below video has been hit with a copyright claim by Nintendo, which means that while you can watch it; your views don’t contribute any revenue back to yours truly. The content claimed, just to be clear, wasn’t game-streaming footage: It’s clips from freely-available ads, commercial spots and trailers widely disseminated to other gaming media outlets and broadly available otherwise. The logic in that kind of escapes me, but if I dispute it any further and the corporation refuses to budge it can impact the existence of my whole YouTube channel – so, basically, as a content creator I have to suck it up whether in the right nor not.

And hey, look – the business is the business. Suffice it to say, for those wondering why The MovieBob Patreon continues to be a vital system of support, this is exactly why. And your continued contributions are deeply, deeply appreciated.

In any case, the reason for re-posting can be found at 6:05

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Ides of Merch


So. One of the big new features on this nice new blog is that I’ve finally got a Merchandise Shop, which currently features links to buy my books and… not a whole lot else. I’m actively working to change that by getting into the T-shirt game, so I’d like to start hearing from fans what they might want to see on shirts. Continue reading

The Good Enough Spider-Man?

I’m very fond of the idea of Spider-Man being “in” the Marvel Cinematic Universe, officially. His brief scene in CIVIL WAR handily demonstrated the innate benefit of this kind of character brings to the proceedings, and I’m excited by the prospect of maybe potentially seeing Spidey and The Hulk interact, even if only for a single scene.

More solo Spider-Man movies, on the other hand? I’ve pretty much resigned myself to keeping my expectations low. SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING will all but certainly improve on the disastrous “AMAZING” movies (it’s still astonishing just how awful those were); but it’s equally a given that this will be the first MCU project to not be the “best” version of its own material – no one making modern superhero movies has managed to outgun Sam Raimi yet, and I don’t expect this to break the streak:

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“I’m Rich.”

We’re really still going through with this, huh?

At this point, unless WONDER WOMAN is a miracle the DCEU as a meaningful feature franchise thing is basically all through with but the shouting. Yeah, it’ll come out, but it’ll be the new TRANSFORMERS i.e. a technical moneymaker that culturally exists as a punchline – not a great ending for such a storied stable of characters and ideas. For now, the big takeaway is that it looks like Batman is driving a robot (something they had him do in LEGO BATMAN as a joke about absurd Bat-vehicles) and that Amber Heard even looks good floating around in a goofy plastic body-stocking. Oh, well.

Mega Man, No es bueno.

A Spanish-language teaser has dropped for that MEGA MAN cartoon I feel like we all sort of forgot had been threatened awhile back; i.e. that one that reworks the character as a generic teen-superhero with Resting Dreamworks Face. It’s… not promising, to be charitable:

…Ooof. What’d they do to you, old friend?