A Smaller Picture

Deep breath.

I should probably use the “blog” function of this website to actually, y’know, “blog” more. Those of you who visit know that for the past year and a half it’s been almost exclusively a catalog of where and when my various videos, articles and appearances have been posted; which I’m sure works well enough for some since that’s mainly what I’ve been doing professionally for almost a decade now and if you follow me online to hear what I have to say chances are that’s what you’ve come for. But it wasn’t supposed to be the point of having MovieBob Central be a WordPress blog-based site – at least not originally.

The fact is, the site was put together at the point when it looked like my operation was going to remain primarily independent for the foreseeable future, and I figured that a fresh start with a more manageable/maleable interface was preferable to the old Blogspot site so that I could put up at the least the semblance of an archive, a hub and a shop page. Then things shifted suddenly (or they started to) a little over two years ago – I found out, along with several other compatriots who’d been former colleagues at a (by then) all but defunct website called The Escapist that the site’s then-current owners were going under – that the skeleton crew that had been keeping it afloat was being cast off and the not terribly nice folks left in charge were scattering to the four winds. And someone floated the idea of maybe, possibly, trying to take it back. Continue reading