Something of a complimentary to the other day’s blog post:

2 thoughts on “Big Picture: “THE BIGGER PICTURE”

  1. kwerboom says:

    Speaking of “The Bigger Picture”, when you got canned the first time from The Escapist, you mentioned in your February 15, 2015, post the following:

    > So that’s it – no more MovieBob content at The Escapist?
    > Pretty much. There is (I believe) one more written column that was finished in advance that
    > is yet to be published, but I have no idea if they intend to or not. But beyond that? Yes, this
    > is the end: There will be no new Big Picture on Tuesday, no Agent Carter recap on
    > Wednesday, no Escape to the Movies or Intermission on Friday, etc.
    > I don’t know what happens to the backlog of episodes they already have, both on the site
    > and on YouTube. I produced that content under contract, they own it, they can do what
    > they wish with it.

    Whatever did happen to that backlog of episodes that were produced in 2015 and never uploaded because of your firing? I know they aren’t relevant now, but they would make for a great “Lost Levels” feature of what might have been now that you’ve returned.


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