Escape to The Movies: MALEFICENT

Was NOT expecting that…

Also, the Edgar Wright thing:

An Important Announcement About The Future of THE GAME OVERTHINKER

Many of you have probably heard the news over the last few days that Blip has been culling series from the network. A lot of shows, some long-running and fairly popular, have been getting the hammer for a variety of reasons, and I just a few hours ago learned that unfortunately ADVENTURES OF THE GAME OVERTHINKER will be one of them as of July.

Obviously, I’m unhappy about this. Before anyone asks, no, Blip has not been forthcoming at this time about the exact reason for removals and this series has been no exception. The general sense is that Blip is looking concentrate on the most profitable and entrenched brands as opposed to growing series like this, and that’s understandable from their perspective even if it’s a bother from mine.
I’ve been contacted (privately) by a few parties so far interested in possibly helping the series find a new regular home; but at this time no decision has been made and I’m exploring all options. What this will not do is effect plans and scheduling for the actual release of episodes so far as I am able. EPISODE 93 is 98% completed and should be ready for Friday or Saturday. My plan, for now, is continue uploading to the Blip Channel until they shut down my ability to do so but also to simultaneously upload to YouTube. After that… your guess is as good as mine.
I want to thank everyone who has supported this series over the years, and reaffirm my commitment to continue this series. This particular show is 100% a labor of love for me, and whatever happens to it going forward the one thing I can assure everyone of is that I will not be doing anything that will compromise the form I want the series to take. Please stay tuned to The OverThinker Blog for further updates and details.
I appreciate the ongoing support, and I hope everyone enjoys our upcoming shows – no matter which video-player they wind up being delivered on 🙂
Bob Chipman,
Creator & Host, Adventures of The Game OverThinker

P.S. If you’d like to help the series, the best help we can get is for you to spend some times re-watching and sharing the still-monetized Blip-hosted episodes of the show HERE.

Here’s Something Actually Cool About STAR WARS: EPISODE VII

If you want a sign of just how much the landscape of blockbusters has changed in the last few years, today is a pretty damn good one: JJ Abrams posts actual video from the set of his new STAR WARS movie – including a glimpse of an actual physical old-school puppeteered alien!!! – and The Internet kinda sorta shrugged it off because it’s currently much more interested in beating up Warner Bros for BATMAN VS SUPERMAN’s godawful full title and writer/producer David Goyer’s ignorant sexism re: She-Hulk (and just plain ignorance re: Martian Manhunter.)

Oh well, I really liked it – and there are few people more jaded about JJ Abrams than me. Check it out:


I love that the musical aesthetic for this ad campaign is “last song you’d ever think of.” Also: Wow.

The big floating head is called “Knowhere,” incidentally – it’s the decapitated skull of a giant Celestial thats been turned into a kind of intergalactic truck stop.

New GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Trailer Coming Monday

Marvel is doing one of those Facebook Q&A things for GoTG on Monday, which will also involve the debut of the film’s new longer trailer, aka the “Okay, we’ve accepted the raccoon and ‘Hooked On a Feeling’ charted again, so now what is this actually ABOUT?” version.

Until then, we’ve been gifted this kicky new poster. When was the last time a major movie advertised with a poster in this specific style? No flying debris, nobody looking at their feet, no arty closeup of just someone’s head or a weapon? Awesome.

Untitled Self Portrait

A few hours ago, Zack Snyder tweeted the first image of Ben Affleck as Batman in the still-untitled MAN OF STEEL sequel. Here’s the hi-res version, click to embiggen…

Well. It’s not like “fidelity to source” is a surprise coming from Snyder. Best Bat-suit ever? It might be. It’s definitely the first attempt since Adam West to make the fabric look from the comics work on film. It’s not an official production still – it’s a black and white/low-contrast shot taken from Snyder’s own camera – so you can’t get much sense of what’s going on colorwise. There’s definitely a different texture/material on the cape/mask/gloves/boots than on the main suit, but it’s impossible to tell whether it’s another all-black color scheme or gray/black (or gray/blue) like many were speculating.

Also the “bulkiest” Batman by far – Ben Affleck is already a pretty big guy (it’s often well hidden onscreen, but he’s tall/stocky for a normal person and GIGANTIC for an actor) and he’s been hitting the gym for this, but all that muscle plus the de-emphasized ears and “chubby” chest-insignia serve to make him look more like a straight-up bruiser than any other version seen in live-action so far (it’s a stylistic trick borrowed from Frank Miller’s DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, which is the clear visual inspiration here.)

I like it. Now let’s see Wonder Woman and the (supposedly) redesigned Superman.