Untitled Self Portrait

A few hours ago, Zack Snyder tweeted the first image of Ben Affleck as Batman in the still-untitled MAN OF STEEL sequel. Here’s the hi-res version, click to embiggen…

Well. It’s not like “fidelity to source” is a surprise coming from Snyder. Best Bat-suit ever? It might be. It’s definitely the first attempt since Adam West to make the fabric look from the comics work on film. It’s not an official production still – it’s a black and white/low-contrast shot taken from Snyder’s own camera – so you can’t get much sense of what’s going on colorwise. There’s definitely a different texture/material on the cape/mask/gloves/boots than on the main suit, but it’s impossible to tell whether it’s another all-black color scheme or gray/black (or gray/blue) like many were speculating.

Also the “bulkiest” Batman by far – Ben Affleck is already a pretty big guy (it’s often well hidden onscreen, but he’s tall/stocky for a normal person and GIGANTIC for an actor) and he’s been hitting the gym for this, but all that muscle plus the de-emphasized ears and “chubby” chest-insignia serve to make him look more like a straight-up bruiser than any other version seen in live-action so far (it’s a stylistic trick borrowed from Frank Miller’s DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, which is the clear visual inspiration here.)

I like it. Now let’s see Wonder Woman and the (supposedly) redesigned Superman.

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