Game OverThinker Episode 50

“War of The Thinkers,” for anyone who doesn’t follow the other blog, represents the 7th and final episode of an in-series “mini-story” for The Game OverThinker. Take a look, if the mood strikes you…

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So… there it is, have at it. In addition to further episodes of the regular series, I’m planning to have some making-of, retrospective stuff up in the near future to elaborate on certain points; but just a few things real quick while we’re all here:

If some of the post-transformation looks oddly-sped-up, there is nothing wrong with your computer or ScrewAttack’s player (at least not in regards to this.) What you’re seeing is mostly an attempt to artficially replicate a high shutter-speed with video, coupled with some “OMG a whole fucking day of shooting captured all wiggy for some reason!!!”

My favorite joke in the whole bloody enterprise is at 10:21.

Credit where credit is due: My best friend Tim Luz and my brother Chris did not only 99% of the cinematography on this, but they’ve done 99% of the “when you see me” shooting on the entire series up to this point – the unsung heroes of The Game OverThinker. In addition, that’s Chris in the AntiThinker “true form” costume, and doubling me in the over-the-shoulder “Fake Shemp” shots.

The fake blood you see in the “splatter” shots is store-brand vegetable juice, and the “chest-punch” torrent is a mix of tomato soup, water and cherry gelatin-mix – every single drop of “prop gore” spilled was not only nontoxic and biodegradable, but edible. The “chopped” tree limb was an unrelated (to the tree) piece of debris being held up offscreen. NO portion of all that beautiful forest land that provided such a nice backdrop for this whole production was polluted, despoiled or otherwise harmed by our filmming; a commitment we all made and stuck to.

Looking back now, I kinda want to go back and stick the “Rise From Your Grave!!!” sound from Altered Beast over the “ressurection;” but nah – I’m DONE editing this bloody thing 😉

The “origin story” alluded to be The OverThinker is more-or-less “true,” and will probably be elaborated upon in the future. (I’m only making MOST of this up as we go along.)

“Cloaked Figure” aka “Monster-Voice Guy” DOES already have an identity, I already know who/what he is, what his “deal” is, etc; and you’ll hopefully find out exactly what that is in the near(ish) future.

Yes, that last bit is referencing Rev Rants’ video. NO, I’m not “calling him out,” looking to start shit, or even outright wholesale disagreeing with him; my position is more on the lines of “except when it is.” I see the “Fun is Not Enough” thing quoted around a lot, often used (incorrectly, unless I misunderstood Rev’s initial point) as a “takedown” of smaller titles and casual/retro stuff… and yeah, I’m on the other side of that. But otherwise? Rev is alright with me 😉

42 thoughts on “Game OverThinker Episode 50

  1. Smashmatt202 says:

    If you only read one thing from me, read this: you're the Game Overthinker. You're job should be to overthinker. To think outside the box. To give people food for thought. To create topics and discussions for gamers. To have people think more broadly about things they normally don't think about. That's what got you here in the first place. That's why people started watching you. That's why they voted for you in the ScrewAttack's My Vids Don't Suck contest! I've heard you say that you “knew” you had to up your game when you officially joined ScrewAttack. But in that since, just improve what you already have. Think of bigger, better things to talk about in relationship to video games! Kind of like what Extra Credits does! In fact, Extra Credits is pretty much what you started out as and what you should have been; a show talking about how awesome games are, celebrating them, and thinking about how they can be improved. With some intellectual stuff mixed in, of course. But this? How is this “uping your game?” How is improving the overall quality of your videos? This is all just distractions, an aside, something that doesn't deserve to be the center of attention in a show that's all about overthinking. Please, for the love of God, hear me out on this! Don't think that including storylines and characters will improve your videos or get your new viewers or anything like that. Just do what you've always been doing! It's what you're best at! It's what you excel at! It's what makes you, you! Use you're vast knowledge and information for good, and for making us see things in a different light, instead of just inserting it between fights, action scenes, dialogue between two characters, etc. Let's see the TRUE return of the Overthinker.
    If you actually bothered to read this and take what I said to heart, thank you very much. I really do respect your ideals, Bob.

    …So please forgive the following rants I'm about to give you.


  2. Smashmatt202 says:

    “I hope people enjoyed this as much as we enjoyed making it.”

    You know, it's alright to ignore the negative comments people have made, but don't try to pretend that most of us actually liked this. Anyway, I'm just watching this one time to get it over with, then I, along with the rest of your fanbase, am going to pretend it never happened (for the most part). So, let's see what we got…

    “They let me pick…” Okay, so this is the hidden Big Bad, right? I wonder who's this “they” he's referring to.. I get it, “hint hint, deeper backstory”. Yeah, I bet you plan to have another storyline to explain that. Fan-fucking-tastic.

    “I did my research”. That's more than I can say about MovieBob. No really, in one of his Intermission columns on The Escapist, he openly admitted that he (usually) doesn't to research for his videos. And it shows, sometimes.

    Wow, so the Antithinker works for this guy just because he was the only one at home when he called him? …Okay, whatever. :/

    I STILL don't understand WHY the Antithinker's in his look-alike form when the deep-voiced guy specifically told him to fight the Overthinker in his true form, so that the Overthinker won't know it's him! CONSISTENCY, ANYONE?!

    Okay, now I actually think it's a nice touch how the Antithinker's fighting from a first-person perspective. Like, he's constantly holding out the gun right in front of his face. It's actually quite amusing.

    “Come out and die, fatty”. …OH, I get it, he's the antithinker, he's supposed to be a hypocrite.

    Oh wait… Yeah. I guess being a hypocrite is something they both have in common. THANKS FOR REMINDING ME, BOB!

    I don't get it, why is the Antithinker swaying back and forth? And how come he rapidly switches from holding the gun sideways to holding it normally? CONSISTENCY, PLEASE!

    Actually, I wouldn't mind seeing a crummy-ass clipshow. It'd be better than this stupid, pointless, unnecessary storyline. Let's face it, clipshows are the one thing that's best suited for a show with you're kind of format. It's pretty much already a clipshow, for Heaven's Gate, just with voice-overs!

    Wow… So you're not only the Game Overthinker, you're also the new GAY MASTER! A-hyuck! XP

    Yeah, the Antithinker's eye beams still look crappy. I guess now it's kept just for consistency… For once.

    How does badly placed Triforce on your hand mean you're his equal?

    Okay, I get the Overthinker's Symphony of the Night reference, but why does the Antithinker use Dracula's quote? Has he played Castlevania: Symphony of the Night? Doesn't that kind of go against what the Antithinker's supposed to be?

    OKAY, from one good split screen effect to a really bad one. Why's it that at first, you could make the two thinker appear in the same frame look good, then do a crummy one? I sense you did the crummy one earlier, before you had access to the better one. Still, CONSISTENCY, PLEASE!!

    lol, the Nerd comparison is good, because that's what the whole story feels like, a Nerd episode where he's reviewing a game, then all of a sudden, something happens that forces the Nerd to go into action mode and fight and stuff… But it seems more like Spoony, like the Antithinker said, since his storylines are more convoluted and ultimately pointless. Thankfully, Spoony makes up for it by actually being a pretty hilarious and over-the-top actor. Bob, on the other hand…

    ((To be continued…))


  3. Smashmatt202 says:

    lol, I like how the Overthinker runs! XD

    …Uh, sudden Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote reference? …Why?

    It's one thing to use a Wii Remote lightsabor that's been done a million times. It's another thing to actually make it LOOK GOOD. :/

    So, I'd like a little more explanation as to who's the true ruler of the antiverse, the Antithinker or the deep-voiced guy? I can assume the Antithinker is just spewing BS about being ruler since it fits his character and trying to wrap my brain around how this one guy could somehow rule that entire universe, that's supposed to be opposite everything in this universe.

    Wow… The fight scenes with the lightsabor are TERRIBLE! I thought there was something wrong with my computer, but is that REALLY what it looks like? Geez, man. Look, I know you don't have a lot of money, but don't you think that, when you were planning this storyline out, couldn't you have waited until you had better tech to create better special effects? Otherwise, that's all people are going to complain about! And since this is an action-oriented episode with little to no overthinking, there's nothing to distract us from you're subpar computer effects.

    OH! Now it all makes sense! That lame excuse for a lightsabor that had terrible effects was all a trick by Wario! Thank God that was explained, that pissed me off more than you could believe!

    I'm surprised the Overthinker managed to hold his own against a guy with hooks for hands… I'm also surprised he wore a shirt underneath his T-shirt. And all that over a coat! I guess it's a good think, considering he was stuck in the woods *a-he-he-HEM* for the Winter and it kept him warm.

    So wait, are the fight scenes SUPPOSED to be choppy? Are you being artsy or something? Eh…

    That was funny how he just did that lame “AHHHHHH” while flashing to his hand cut off. It was so terrible it made me laugh out loud! …HOPEFULLY that wasn't supposed to be taken seriously, otherwise it would go under a Narm effect.

    lol, Welcome… TO DIE!!!

    Why's he crawling? It's like he stopped, just to get onto his knees and start crawling! I know he had his hand cut off, but it looked like he could walk just fine, so why start crawling?

    I got to say, that is some bad-looking blood. Ketchup would have been a better substitute… Although, I doubt you would want to waste that much for something like that…

    So the Overthinker's dead. But he'll be back. There's no suspense, since it's his show, and we were told at the beginning of the Quest of the Overthinker that he wouldn't die. So all that's left to do is to wait and see when he gets revived…

    Wait a minute, shouldn't there be a hole in his back as well? Or did the Antithinker just shove his hook into his stomach an nothing else?
    ((To be continued…))


  4. Smashmatt202 says:

    And here comes the deus ex machina in the form of Rosalina, sending down… A Mushroom? Not even a 1-up Murhsoom or a Life Mushroom, just a regular Super Mushroom. That's not going to do much good if the Overthinker's DEAD.

    Wait, he isn't dead? Even though he had, like a gallon of blood emptied out of him and hes been lying on the dirty ground for a minute of so? Geez…

    I suppose Mushroom do have healing qualities to them, but… What was with that guy flashing on the screen for a second? Is that a reference to something I'm missing?

    Oh, I see… You're still under the assumption that Rosalina is the God of the Mushroom Universe… Even though you've called Shigeru Miyamoto God on far more occasions… Still, is she going to play a more active part in you're videos? I don't know what to make of that…

    That's interesting you managed to find a real flower that looks close enough to the Fire Flower. Not to mention, you're Fire Overthinker closes are snazzy! ;D

    Okay, you're a pretty bad editor, because Fire Overthinker's description was only onscreen for a nanosecond before it immediately disappeared.

    I have a feeling, the Antithinker's bling will be a stupid plot point in another storyline later on… There's going to have to be another storyline, actually, if we're ever going to find out just who is that deep-voiced guy…

    “Back to the Antiverse”? I thought you killed him, WTF?! I see where you're going with this, not killing him off so you can put him in Straw man's place as the worst possible representation of people who don't agree with you. Great, just great…

    Also, I was under the impression that Wario's Woods was IN the Antiverse… Since it's not in Minnesota. I've looked.

    …Is Chris going to be a regular character? I already like him more than Bob. Let's see how quickly that'll change…

    Actually, if he's been recording him the whole time, then what was up with Bob recording himself at the end of episode 48? CONSISTENCY, PLEASE!!

    That's going to be my new tagline whenever Bob does a storyline from now on. At least until he improves on his work.

    Nah, screw the MST3K mantra, I want DETAILS! I want consistency! I want you to stop wasting my time with this crap! You're the OVERTHINKER! You're whole shtick is to over-analysis things! And now you're asking us not to think too much about something? Just so you can indulge yourself in some worse then usual internet storyline that two-thirds the people on YouTube can pull off better than this? Seriously, what the Hell?! I hate having to repeat myself, but here's the thing!
    …So yeah, I get it, you tried something different. It didn't work out. Lesson learned. Seriously, don't act like we're the ones who can't take the heat. We all watched you're stuff and didn't like it. Whiles this video had its mildly amusing points, I still didn't care for it. I looked terrible, the fight scenes are choppy at the very best (and being generous at that), there's a lot of inconsistencies, and it overall just felt like a waste of time. Still, at least you had fun making it, so one of us is happy.

    …ANYWAY! Glad to see the Antithinker saga is finally over. I also like the new layout of the Overthinker Blog. Looks great! I am SO looking forward to the next Overthinker episode! Seriously, after months of this BS, I am DEFINITELY looking forward to an insightful discussion/rant about gaming. Perhaps another “Who's your daddy?” Or maybe a video explaining to everyone how exactly “VIDEO GAME COME FROM JAPAN”? Just some ideas to think about! Good luck, and happy overthinking!


  5. Tim says:

    Jesus. Fucking. Christ. Where do I even begin Bob?

    I would simply say this video was half boring, poorly choreographed action movie and half painfully unfunny fifth rate Scott Pilgrim wannabe but that would be high praise.

    As far as the action went, was there really any reason why it had to go on for so damn long? I mean we all knew that you were going to win so right off the bat there was no suspense. The fight choreography was ass too. 75% of it looked like it was improvised on the spot (and that isn’t a good thing). I understand that it’s a “silly comedy” but its never a good thing to have an uncompelling action scene, regardless of genre. Also, if you aren’t very good with Adobe After Effects, don’t stick these awful special effects in where they aren’t necessary. I mean A LOT of them needed to have been cut out. I’d also like to point out the irony in the fact that a man who hates it when directors don’t use a tripod, made a film shakier than Nintendo’s business model.


  6. Tim says:

    I don’t really think I need to explain how it was a fifth rate Scott Pilgrim wannabe with the way it poked fun at video game tropes (to the point where he even ripped off the whole extra life gag), but there is no excuse for how bad the comedy was. Awkwardly sticking video game (or movie) references in your video isn’t funny at all. It’s annoying. Look at Scott Pilgrim. All of the references there fit with what was going on, never felt out of place or forced, were subtle and never beat you over the head with what it was referencing. This video is more akin to fucking Disaster Movie. It’s that bad Bob. There were times that I literally groaned because some of the references were so painfully forced. I know I’m using the word painful a lot, but I’d just like to drive the point home.

    I know I’m seen as the “troll” of this blog so no one will take me seriously , but I STRONGLY stand behind everything I just said. I know the drones are going to love it no matter what but hopefully, some more of your fans who you see as fans who like you will come out and give their honest opinion.

    Oh and since you referenced the “Fun isn’t enough” video (a video I strongly agree with by the way) I recommend watching a video by the same guy called “Indie Mercy” because I can already hear the main argument that will be spewed against my post by unoriginal fanboys. My response is pretty much what’s in that video.


  7. vlademir1 says:

    First a comment for something said upthread: Extra Credits does their thing from the development side of things, Game Overthinker has always been a gamer perspective on the medium there is some topical crossover (as there often is for commentary on the same genre) but they aren't really that similar.

    I personally have rather enjoyed this broken little discourse on gamer culture and the breadth of views it can encompass, with it's closing idea that as long as people are having fun, and not taking their preferences way too seriously, it's all good.

    On the 'MOAR OVERTHINKING!!!' bit I've seen in various forms throughout this little adventure, I feel I need to point out that this really has been that, just a more abstracted and symbolic commentary on the current state of the gamer subculture.

    Oh, before I forget, I rather like the campy filming style this took on… from Herschell Gordon Lewis type blood effects to the very obvious split screens and laser sword effects.


  8. Psyckid008 says:

    I'm sorry Bob. I'm really sorry. I'm a fan of yours and there have been parts of this saga I liked such as the Zelda episode where the Anti Thinker gets nostalgic and cries. I thought if the saga went in that direction, this could have turned out brilliant. But this just wasn't a good video. The action was bland, the jokes weren't funny, and the it simply didn't do anything though provoking or interesting.

    Seriously, you have no idea how much I hate being forced to agree with something Tim said but “Disaster Movie” was the very first thing I thought of when you started referencing all of these games. I mean having the Anti Thinker say “welcome to die” or have the two of them exchange the opening dialogue from Symphony of the Night is exactly the kind of lazy writing you'll find in a Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer movie.

    Bob, I'm all for you doing what you want. This IS your show. I just hope that you don't take any negative criticism as trolling. Please don't as there are people like me who only want you to get better.


  9. Nick says:

    Ah, Tim and Smashmatt202, always reliable.

    Smashmatt feels the need to clog up the page with an enormous wall of text that raises about a half-dozen valid points and drowns them in a miasma of embarrassingly shoehorned-in nitpicks, many of which miss the point so completely that Smashmatt winds up inadvertently supporting Bob on several points.

    And as I've said before about Tim, the fact that Moviebob says something or is connected with something in any way tells you all you need to know about whether Tim will agree with/enjoy it.


  10. Tim says:

    @Nick: You see, comments like that bug me because it proves you wrote off my comment before you even read it. The fact of the matter is that this was a shitty made video and my criticism states exactly whats wrong with it leaving out nitpicks.


  11. Nick says:

    @Tim: I tend to write off your comments because of this little thing called “pattern recognition” that some humans have.

    And, because it's fairly obvious you and Smashmatt202 are both taking this “arc” much more seriously than Bob ever did.


  12. Smashmatt202 says:

    @ Nick

    “Smashmatt feels the need to clog up the page with an enormous wall of text that raises about a half-dozen valid points and drowns them in a miasma of embarrassingly shoehorned-in nitpicks, many of which miss the point so completely that Smashmatt winds up inadvertently supporting Bob on several points.”

    MovieBob responded to one on of my immature rants over on the other blog. Needless to say now I feel like a royal jackass.

    I DO tend to flood comments and nit-picks into everything I say. I do it with everything, whether it be watching a new AVGN or Nostalgia Critic video, or reading the latest Chapter of One Piece. Or here. It's just something I do… After reading Bob's message, it's probably something I should stop doing…

    As for the nitpicks… You know that old saying “it's the little things that matter the most”? Well that's me in a nutshell. Every little thing bothers me, and I sometimes feel the need to vocalize it. From now on, when I plan out my comments, I'll try and think of what I should say as opposed to what I want to say.

    I've said this on the other blog, but I blame my disability (Aspergers) for why I tent to act on impulse and voice what I think as soon as it comes to mind. It happens a lot to me in real life, and I've been trying to hold it back. I've improved in real life, but no on the Internet it seems…

    Hopefully that will change, and hopefully, Bob will put up with me until I do.


  13. Bob says:

    @Nick: I actually agree with Tim here. He made his points and the were legitimate gripes. Could he have been less rude in his comment? Absolutely but you don't need to act like a douche too.

    @Bob: I liked the video overall. Yeah the references weren't very subtle but at I think what separates them from something like Disaster Movie is that you actually take lines or important elements from the games that aren't well known to make more inside jokes as opposed to Disaster Movie where the directors didn't even see the movies they parodied.

    One thing I will agree with tho is that the action could have been shorter but that's just my opinion. Good video.


  14. Clayton says:

    Nick is at least trying to be amusing and can make a retort without sinking to “yeah well you're a -insert swear word used by thirteen-year-olds”. At least try to be a FUNNY asshole is what I say


  15. Bob says:

    Tim left a long comment saying everything he didn't like about this video, then Nick basically said what he said didn't matter because he just assume Tim wasn't going to like it no matter what. THAT'S when Tim called him a cunt. Say what you want about Tim's comment but at least it was constructive. Nick was just being an asshole in this situation. I'm not saying Nick is an asshole in general, just in this situation.

    I'm not saying I support Tim but I actually do have serious problems with Nick's comment.


  16. Nick says:

    @Smashmatt: I actually have Asperger's too, and I understand how it can lead one to care a bit too passionately about little things… although I think when it comes to fiction I have the opposite problem from you: I tend to be more forgiving of stuff… then again, I've always been a fan of watching cheesy movies and adoring them, and I'm told that doesn't make me terribly unique among film-geek circles.

    Still, I think this was awesome as a spoof, and it worked as a send-up of all the most monotonous tropes, putting a subversive spin on many of them. Was it perfect? No. Could it have been shorter? Absolutely. But it wasn't an atrocity.

    @The Other Bob: Another thing that set it apart from Disaster Movie (aside from the whole “Not being one of the ten worst things in the history of film” thing) was that its references are more to mainstays of geek culture than whichever important-looking movie has a trailer out this week.

    And I'm really tired and I'm not making much sense, so I think I'll log off for the night.


  17. Bob says:

    Why do I always have to be “The Other Bob”? Who made MovieBob the king of Bobs? From where I sit, that's Bob Marley.

    From now on, I am Bob and MovieBob is The Other Bob >:)


  18. Smashmatt202 says:

    @ motyr

    Ummm… What?

    I know this isn't his job. I didn't say it was. His “job” is reviewing movies for the Escapist. This is just something else he enjoys doing. I realize that, and I probably took it more seriously then he ever did.


  19. Nick says:

    So I type out that long comment up there and head to bed, and then I come back this morning and see that The Other Bob (oh all right, “Bob” >:) ) posted a comment before that. Wow, “serious problems” with my comment.

    Okay, Bob, I will defend my position if you like:

    Tim's comment was not “constructive,” because it basically boiled down to “I don't find this video funny, therefore it is objectively awful,” and his comment about “mindless fanboys” pulled the tried-and-true internet-debate trick of saying “Anyone who disagrees with me is a Fanboy™,” as though the “Fanboy™” label automatically wins. I've seen this same tactic used on The Escapist forums way too many times to be fooled (whenever Yahtzee reviews a Nintendo game, guess what word his fans toss around in the comment threads to prove their point?).

    And despite my snark, I do actually read Tim's comments before judging them, both for entertainment value and to check if, for once, he might actually have varied his pattern of loudly trashing everything Bob says or does in the most insulting manner possible.


    I think motyr was referring to your confusion of the word “Your” with the word “You're.”


  20. motyr says:


    yeah, nick has it right. How could I give anyone who takes fine detail seriously credit if he makes two glaring grammatical errors within the first few sentences of his first post?


  21. Jashua says:

    Rather than make a huge 5 page word document, I will try to get down to the key points of what I liked and disliked about your short films.


    >Contrary to what many people stated, I think you did a good job of “overthinking” in addition to the storyline.

    >In jokes. Welcome to die and other “gamer culture” jokes are good if you know how to do them, here it seems a bit out of context

    The Ugly:
    > The action had a lot of good concepts, but it was poorly executed. The road runner references were completely unnecessary. Your acting skills could definitely use some refinement, but I do look forward to seeing more experiments like this from you.


  22. Reverend Allan Ironside says:

    Spoony wannabe? I love Spoony. That joke just plastered me.

    Also, am I the only one who thought “Fire Moviebob” looked more like “Disco Inferno Moviebob?

    Still, a fun little romp. Favorite part was after they collide: “Well…now we know what happens when we do THAT.” Funny.


  23. mark.grondin says:


    Well, having watched your little venture into characters and storytelling with the Overthinker… well, to be completely honest, it hasn't been my thing, and this is coming from somebody who likes Linkara's bouts of insanity and used to enjoy Spoony (although things are slowly improving on that front – and you know what, that Spoony gag made me laugh uproariously).

    Don't get me wrong, I can tell this is a labour of love, and something you were doing to try something new, and there were a few moments that worked quite well. I just hope that, if anything, you take it back to basics a bit, return to the crisp, strong analysis that made your episodes memorable. Your older Overthinker episodes (most of those on Youtube) are damned excellent, loaded with intelligent commentary and some pretty great moments, and while there were some good moments here, I miss the history, analysis, and insight.

    Ah well, all experiments tend to give mixed results, so I look forward to whatever you have planned.


  24. Silens says:


    Well, having watched your little venture into characters and storytelling with the Overthinker… well, to be completely honest, it hasn't been my thing, and this is coming from somebody who likes Linkara's bouts of insanity and used to enjoy Spoony (although things are slowly improving on that front – and you know what, that Spoony gag made me laugh uproariously).

    Don't get me wrong, I can tell this is a labour of love, and something you were doing to try something new, and there were a few moments that worked quite well. I just hope that, if anything, you take it back to basics a bit, return to the crisp, strong analysis that made your episodes memorable. Your older Overthinker episodes (most of those on Youtube) are damned excellent, loaded with intelligent commentary and some pretty great moments, and while there were some good moments here, I miss the history, analysis, and insight.

    Ah well, all experiments tend to give mixed results, so I look forward to whatever you have planned.

    EDIT: please delete above post, under real name by accident


  25. Robert says:

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… haha. Just kidding, this was so terrible it was actually funny, until you started getting preachy in the end..

    This was all bullshit, stop delaying your good videos


  26. Chris Cesarano says:

    Nice use of Spoony Bard reference, X-Men Arcade, and even pulling out Street Fighter: The Movie. Once again, liking the use of music from Godzilla: Monster of Monsters.

    Truth be told, though, wasn't really a fan. I imagine you guys had a lot of fun making it, but you might want to rethink your approach.

    Just, please, give us some regular Over-Thinker episodes in between.


  27. Cado says:

    I'll be honest and say I'm skipping this as I haven't enjoyed any of the storyline you've put in these videos.

    I don't see an inherent problem with this kind of thing but I hate it when it becomes the main attraction. I watch your videos for the intelligent analysis. This doesn't add anything to that and the storyline itself is poor enough to make me groan. It's the same reason why, even though I normally enjoy Linkara or Spoony, I close out of the window when some storyline stuff starts up. I'd much prefer it if it were a separate series altogether.

    So yeah, more normal episodes? I'm there. More of this? Eh. Just please tell me which episodes are what beforehand so I don't waste my time.


  28. Phobos says:

    This the crux of the problem.

    Do I want Bob to be able to be able to indulge in his love of amature film making? Yes

    Am I disapointed to turn on to an overthinker episode where Bob indulges in his love of film making and does plot episodes instead of overthinking? Yes

    Do what a TV show fancise does when it wants to do somthing new, and do a spin off. Called it something like 'overthinker adventures', or somthing better. Where you can make more of these kind of episodes. Then keep the 'Game overthinker' episodes as they were. Then your fans can pick what they want to watch and not be disapointed when they don't get a traditional overthinker episode.


  29. Varya says:

    I've been watching a lot of videos on “That Guy With The Glasses” recently and since you mentioned Spoony, i guess you are familiar with them. Anyhow, I love how they handle their story-bits, and it would be really awesome if you could do a team-up with them. That would probably not get as much hate as this has been given, since they do this kind of stuff all the time, plus, it would be epic.
    Also, it would be fucking epic.
    I hope you'll continue with small story-bits, possibly integrating it a bit more in regular episodes so spin-offs like this doesn't feel so off.


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