Escape to the Movies : Fast Five (UPDATED!)

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16 thoughts on “Escape to the Movies : Fast Five (UPDATED!)

  1. Psyckid008 says:

    You guys really need to check out this short fim Vin Diesel made in the 90s called “Multi-Facial”. It'll definitely change your mind about the guy.

    Anyway, I'm probably going to see this. Yeah I know it's not a GOOD movie but it's always been a guilty pleasure for me. Yeah they're dumb, ultra macho, creatively devoid movies but to be fair they're pretty fun dumb, ultra macho, creatively devoid movies.


  2. akkuma420 says:

    The Rock Vs. Vin Diesel is enough to get my money.
    I'm sure it will be silly stupid fun, but that's all I ever expected with these movies.
    Not every movie has to be a complete masterpiece to be able to enjoy it IMO.


  3. victor_dxs says:

    Yeah, I'm sure the movie will be pretty offensive to us brazilians, but don't fell bad about us, Bob. We're still seeing Thor one week before you guys, so, that makes us even. 😉

    But you wanna see a movie that REALLY takes a giant elephant crap on all things Brazil? Go see Turistas (2007). God, is that movie stupid.


  4. lisa says:

    Don't know what's wrong wit yah people, but this movie series was awesome. Vin Diesal is at his best, ovie was great. So were the rest of them..Stop Haten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Adam Walkner says:
  6. Adam Walkner says:

    Paul Walker was an American Actor. He began his Carrier best Guest – Starring in Several Television Shows such as the Young and the Rastless as well as Touched by an Angel. Paul Walker has given Number of awesome Movies and this will be his Last Movie for his Fans. That's name is Fast & Furious 7, which is coming in March 2015.


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