Game OverThinker LISTS Update

Firstly, little illustration: The below video has been hit with a copyright claim by Nintendo, which means that while you can watch it; your views don’t contribute any revenue back to yours truly. The content claimed, just to be clear, wasn’t game-streaming footage: It’s clips from freely-available ads, commercial spots and trailers widely disseminated to other gaming media outlets and broadly available otherwise. The logic in that kind of escapes me, but if I dispute it any further and the corporation refuses to budge it can impact the existence of my whole YouTube channel – so, basically, as a content creator I have to suck it up whether in the right nor not.

And hey, look – the business is the business. Suffice it to say, for those wondering why The MovieBob Patreon continues to be a vital system of support, this is exactly why. And your continued contributions are deeply, deeply appreciated.

In any case, the reason for re-posting can be found at 6:05

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Ides of Merch


So. One of the big new features on this nice new blog is that I’ve finally got a Merchandise Shop, which currently features links to buy my books and… not a whole lot else. I’m actively working to change that by getting into the T-shirt game, so I’d like to start hearing from fans what they might want to see on shirts. Continue reading