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So. One of the big new features on this nice new blog is that I’ve finally got a Merchandise Shop, which currently features links to buy my books and… not a whole lot else. I’m actively working to change that by getting into the T-shirt game, so I’d like to start hearing from fans what they might want to see on shirts.

Understand: “Fan demanded” designs would likely not be the first things to go up for sale – at the minimum, “logo shirts” for IN BOB WE TRUST and GAME OVERTHINKER would be the first ones. But I want to know what else people might find interesting re: images, slogans (“Comics Are Weird”?), shirt color, things other than shirts (mugs? hats?) all that sort of data would be extremely helpful.

moviebob shirts2

As for outlets: I’m looking at using Teespring as a starting-point, as this will be my first foray into merchandising the show(s) this way, but if anybody knows of any better avenues I’m open to hearing them in the comments below. Let’s see how this shakes out.

17 thoughts on “Ides of Merch

    • Felix Hadler says:

      The IBWT logo would look good on the back of a shirt, not so much on the front. It would probably look good shrunken and to the side like a lot of logos do, but I fully agree with the double thumbs up. Though for shits and giggles, the “shocked but without the hand on cheek” face with “WTF” on the bottom would be fun.


  1. Mason Luxenberg says:

    “Comics Are Weird/TV Is Weird/Movies Are Weird” shirts are a must at some point.

    This one may be specific to me, but I’d pay good money for an “IVAN LIKES DONUTS! IVAN LIKES DONUTS!” shirt.

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  2. Jacob says:

    COMICS ARE WEIRD is an absolute no brainer

    I’ll echo the above comment that the G.O. logo looks better on a tee than the IBWT logo. But I like IBWT as a show more so…dunno, maybe take another crack at the design? Maybe a “Trust the Bob” shirt with the video border design?

    As far as non-shirts mugs are cool but I can never get enough PINT GLASSES. Def cooler than mugs.
    Cheers man!

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    • Felix Hadler says:

      I’d like a “Thoughtful Bob” mug, maybe with a juxtaposing quote on the back, like ; “I’d prefer my dinosaurs to not look like parrots raised near Chernobyl!” or something like that.


      • Jacob says:

        I feel that. Thoughtful Bob on a mug feels appropriate.
        Maybe Thumbs up Bob on a pint. Like he approves of your brew.


  3. James Y Glass (@OmegaLittleBob) says:

    For an “In Bob we Trust” shirt you should definitely include the ironic Illuminati imagery. Another idea if the shirts take off, is that you could have a whole series of “Really That Good” shirts with stylized art of the different movies. Oh and yeah definitely do “Comics are Weird”

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  4. ryukagesama says:

    Comics are WEIRD! is a must buy for me, assuming you do it.

    I’d go a different route for the IBWT design. A simple logo made entirely of single font text isn’t appealing. I LOVE your series, but I wouldn’t wear the shirt in the proposed state.


  5. Professor Polycappellus says:

    I would absolutely buy Ivan Likes Donuts. If that were available I’d buy it right now. Also, one of The Captain (a la Eternity in the N letterman jacket) with They Called Me across the top and The Captain across the bottom. I’d buy TWO.


  6. Alexander Coculuzzi says:

    Everyone pretty much said it. … is wierd, Game overthinker. Maybe brick by brick (It was a really good book, especially for “millennials” who will never be able to fully appreciate the impact of the NES and original console war.)


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