2 thoughts on “In Bob We Trust – BOB FIXES THE MOVIES

  1. Rhodoferax says:

    Call of Duty: Love that idea. Please let’s do it.

    Mario: I still think it should be animated. Maybe use live action for the parts in the real world, but since the Mushroom Kingdom will by 90% CGI regardless of what happens, go all the way and ditch live actors for the fantasy part.

    Akira: I agree.


  2. Voidbringer says:

    Sorry but first person movies? No, just don’t.

    The trailer alone to Hard Core Henry made me feel ill, ninety six minutes of run time couldn’t be endured.

    In a game you control the camera with the mouse ot whatever. In a movie that’a a recipe for motion sickness and that’s not enjoyable.

    Or another analogy, a roller coaster last a few minutes because a solid hour of those motions would be way more than most people could tolerate,

    Well that’s my opinion anyway.


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