Easter UPDATE!

So, this is more of an update that’s being posted ON Easter, rather than an update specifically having to do with Easter. Would’ve been posted on Saturday, but my day-to-day timeline is a little on the wonky side right now (see below) so… yeah. In any case, wanted to give an update on where things stand on a handful of projects:

Right now, priority 1 is getting REALLY THAT GOOD: THE MATRIX finished and ready to go. This has turned into the most lengthy and involved episode of that series by far, to the extent that a good deal of the “fun” of actually making it has been largely spent on my end. But I think it’s coming together nicely, I expect to be proud of the result and I hope that you all consider it to be worth the wait. ETA? Still can’t nail that down decisively, but it’s finally in “sooner than later” territory, at last.

“Priority 1” for RTG means that I’m basically working on that and only that to the exclusion of any other non-scheduled/paid work – that’s largely why you haven’t seen a new GEMs episode yet, though one is 1/2 completed and in the offing and more will arrive on a hopefully more consistent basis going forward. Otherwise, unless I’m attending a screening (or other work-required event), writing/producing a weekly review or IN BOB WE TRUST episode, I’m probably working on THE MATRIX.

Yes, people worried about my health/well-being, I’m allowing myself the occasional “cool down” break; both to eat food and because there are new MST3K episodes for the first time in 18 years and I’m only human.

GAME OVERTHINKER LISTS will probably be the next “big project” dived into once MATRIX launches. As previously discussed, a large number of lists have already been compiled and the plan is to write/record/produce a bunch of them all at once so that they can be released on a semi-regular interval while gauging further interest. I have not yet decided whether or not to drop them into a seperate playlist from the original OVERTHINKER series, but it’s leaning in that direction for practical purposes.

IN BOB WE TRUST will still be produced on schedule, with the Holiday weekend meaning that this week’s show will hopefully launch for Monday or Tuesday at the latest (hoping to avoid “the latest” at least.)

As ever, any readers, viewers and fans who would like to see these and other projects continue apace are encouraged to become part of The MovieBob Patreon – every little bit helps!

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