Who Is This For?

Is Netflix regretting making a six-movie deal with Adam Sandler yet? They’re more than halfway through the cycle now, and I don’t recall any big press about how well they were doing – which in this day and age generally means the answer is “not very.” They’ve all looked fairly expensive (for mass-market comedies) as well, so it feels like someone might be taking a bath on these.

In any case, this is the trailer for the next one, SANDY WEXLER; which is apparently coasting on the gimmick of being set in 1994 (Why? The brief moment when the 90s almost had a mainstream cultural identity of their own had largely passed then – does something about the plot require no one to have The Internet yet?) and once again features Sandler as an obnoxious one-note goofball with a silly voice who is beloved by all around him for being a well-meaning clod who goes to bat for his friends.

The title character is a caricature of an early-1990s Hollywood talent manager – a point of reference sure to be immediately relatable to a mass audience and not just comic actors who were transitioning from TV to movies in this same era. Plot apparently involves Sandy falling in love with his latest discovery, an ingenue singer played by Jennifer Hudson; who you have to imagine probably didn’t expect a Reality TV to Academy Award Winner to direct-to-Netflix Adam Sandler love-interest career arc.

4 thoughts on “Who Is This For?

  1. anon430 says:

    I could have sworn the deal was for only 4 films. Either way it was a terrible deal because its pretty clear sandler doesnt give a fuck about his performance.


  2. Brett says:

    I don’t get it either, especially since Sony Pictures very much hated the fact that they were stuck in a 10-film deal with Happy Madison (his production company). Why sign him for another multi-movie deal?

    I can understand signing him for a movie or two. Sandler has done a number of films in recent years that make money while not overly blowing out the budget. He’s had a couple of films that cost about $70-80 million to make and earned around $200-300 million. That’s not Big Money, but it’s certainly profitable and probably attractive to Netflix in terms of cost.


  3. Gregory Breen says:

    I feel this is really only for Adam Sandler. It can’t possibly be for anyone else. I imagine whenever one of 6 movies in the now infamous 6-movie deal Netflix made with him comes up, the bosses over there go “Oh right. that is something we did. Well, keep it quite if you can…”

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  4. Graham says:

    Frankly, I think it’d be great if Netflix extended the contract. Keep Sandler out of theaters for a while; prevent his garbage from polluting the cinema.


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