5 thoughts on “In Bob We Trust – LOGAN: A GOOD MOVIE TO NEVER MAKE AGAIN

  1. Rhodoferax says:

    I feel similarly about Deadpool. The reason that movie worked so well is that it completely took the piss out of the X-Men movies, and to a lesser extent the general glut of 2010s superhero movies. I fear that any sequel would just be a rehash of the same jokes which worked so well the first time but which lack the same impact because, well, the Fox superhero movie canon already has Deadpool in it. Fortunately, for now at least, everyone else seems to have realised that Deadpool was something of a lightning-in-a-bottle moment and they aren’t trying to copy it. I just hope that when the cast makes Deadpool 2, they reflect on the culture and come up with something new to say instead of just repeating themselves.


  2. robthehuman says:

    I partially disagree with your assessment of The Dark Knight Returns. Its influence on the comic industry, both artistically and business-wise was catastrophic, but I think if viewed in isolation of all that, The Dark Knight Returns manages to suck on its own merits. In terms of quality of story and art, there’s little appreciable difference between it and Spider-Man: Reign. I’m not sure why it still gets the appreciation it does.


    • robthehuman says:

      Granted I wasn’t born when it came out, so I can’t appreciate it in its original context. I maybe not ever be able to view The Dark Knight returns without looking through the lens of the trends it created. So maybe still being able to appreciate The Dark Knight returns for its then-uniqueness and relevance is just a generational thing.
      I still think it’s an abysmal story though.


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