MovieBob’s "Final Rating" system clarified

I’ve been going over the old reviews during this largely-slow news period in hopes of compiling some sort of reccuring best/worst of the year so-far list(s), and it dawned on me that I’ve been using a numerical rating for the concluding “Final Ratings” but have never really clarified what the numbers should be taken to mean. An oversight on my behalf, to be sure, and one I intend now to correct.

What follows is the ten possible final rating scores for this sites reviews, along with brief explainations of what such a rating is meant to say about the film.

10/10: An unequivocal reccomendation. The film is either perfect, damn-near perfect, or has positive qualities so abundant and extraordinary as to negate the impact of any flaws it may or may not possess.

9/10: The film is excellent, in the upper-echelon of quality, worth seeing immediately. Perhaps lacks the esoteric spark of grandeur to achieve a “perfect 10,” but still better than almost any immediate alternative.

8/10: A great film, reccomended. Not quite an instant classic, but nothing seriously wrong with it and a great deal more right with it.

7/10: Not a classic and not on the “run-right-out-and-see” list, but the film is most-likely solid and assured filmmaking, and may even contain a few sparks approaching genuine greatness.

6/10: Decent and inoffensive, but only barely rises above the average.

5/10: Totally average. In many ways, this is probably “worst” rating even if it is not the lowest, as it’s my general asthetic philosophy that the most egregious crime of art is to be unremarkable in either good or bad traits. “5” films are generally competent and properly-assembled, but lack the necessary interest to make them worth mentioning. In other words: “eh.”

4/10: Below average. Something is inescapably wrong with this film. It has unignorable flaws, and is not a good film.

3/10: A film with serious problems. It’s flaws run deep, and it’s positives are nearly nonexistant.

2/10: This is a bad film, with major flaws all the way to it’s core. May even approach “awful” throughout it’s duration.

1/10: This is a terrible film, not only bad but very possibly painful to endure. In some instances, which will be noted in the review-proper, films this bad may actually be bad in such away that there are actually “reccomended” for the humor and learning-value of their innate awfulness.

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