There’s a problem in trying to review “Saw II,” and it is this: Much like the first “Saw,” the film is a nasty little puzzle/trap of plot twists and character revelations, so one cannot go very deep into the “story” without giving away things that would impair a potential audience members enjoyment of the full film. Likewise, while one is just itching to sing the praises of the elaborate, gory ways in which various characters meet their demise… part of the fun of the traps in these movies is the “no way!” shock at their unveiling, and I wouldn’t think to deprive you of that. Let me just say that the film features one “trap” which tested my resolve to not flee the theater upon it’s unveiling alone.

So I’ll keep this as broad as possible: “Saw” was based around the mysterious “Jigsaw,” a master-planner serial killer who’d never actually killed anyone. Rather, he prefered to kidnap people of (in his eyes) dubious character and place them in horrifying torture-traps where they would only die if they failed to have the will to live through creatively gut-wrenching escape solutions. In this sequel, Jigsaw is up to his tricks once again; this time having locked a handful of (possibly) random people in a booby-trapped house with time-activated doors, cryptic “game” instructions, poisoned air and antidotes accesible only through grisly tests of will.

There’s more to it than that, but this is the kind of movie where a spoiler will literally kill many reasons to see it. So I’ll just skip to the point: It’s another solid mystery/horror entry in whats shaping into a promising franchise, with maddeningly intricate twists and gloriously twisted gore scenes. If that sort of thing lights your fire, then this is your movie. In other words, Happy Halloween.


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