Paint it black

We’ve finally got an official, real promotional image from “Spider-Man 3”, and the word for the day is “holy crap!” If Sony’s aim was to cause a fandom eruption, they couldn’t have picked a better initial image:

That’s not the result of grayscale photography, it’s not a fan image. That’s Spidey wearing a BLACK COSTUME. If you’re a fan, you know what they want you to think that means 🙂

The obvious lead-in is “this means Venom,” which is plausible but still not definite. So far ALL we know is he’s wearing black at some point. Hey, y’know when is a good time to start wearing black? When a loved-one dies…

Just sayin’. Realistically, it’s pretty damn hard to imagine it being anything BUT a give or at least a tease at Venom. Think about it: If their FIRST image is a black Spidey-suit, and it’s NOT Venom-related at all, the fanbase who’s goodwill they’re angling for by releasing this would set fire to the screen in a riot of dissapointment. Bearing this is mind… are we SURE that’s Spidey at all, or is this a picture OF Venom? The left arm IS positioned in a way that would serve to “hide” Venom’s telltale mouth…

And hey, if you’re not a fan and want to know what the big deal is, (like, say, if you’re reading this and going “who is Venom?”,) there’s no better time to visit MovieBob’s new sister-site “Geek Speak,” to get EVERYTHING you need to be on the same page as the hardest of hardcore Spider-fans when it comes to “Spider-Man 3” gossip. Just follow the link:

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