REVIEW: The Omen (2006)

Review contains MINOR SPOILERS.

The original “Omen” is definately the lesser of the “big studio devil movie” trilogy, even in the shadow of it’s classier (“Rosemary’s Baby”) and more visceral (“The Exorcist”) fellows. But it’s still a fine little movie, the kind of solid workmanlike effort one expects from a Richard Donner film. The new remake is slavishly faithful to the original, which at least shows a noble effort to keep things small and clever, but which creates a problem when an original film is so well remembered: This remake yields no surprises to call it’s own, no real scares of it’s own invention. It’s a copy, but with less arresting performances and direction.

Pity poor Liev Schieber, a gifted leading actor here stuck once more with the task of toplining a remake that no one will ever confuse with it’s classic, much as he was in the dreadful retelling of “The Manchurian Candidate.” St. Schrieber: Patron Saint of Wholly-Unnecessary Remakes. Schrieber picks up from Gregory Peck as Robert Thorn, a plucky fellow who’s apparently wise enough to become a U.S. Ambassador but not quite quick enough to realize that “sure, why not?” is the WRONG response when you’re wife miscarries and a creepy Italian priest calls you into the hospital basement and offers you a freshly-orphaned replacement.

The kid’s name is Damien, and unless you’ve not visited the planet Earth in any of the years since the original “Omen” came out that tells you the rest of the story. Seems Armageddon is on the way, according to a preposterously-silly opening scene depicting a Vatican power-point presentation that name-drops Hurricane Katrina and 9/11 as signs of the end times… and the Thorn’s excessively-moody tyke is The Antichrist.

The hook, as in the original, is that the saucer-eyed hellspawn will use his adoptive dad’s political contacts as a shortcut to global power-play, and as before this eventually seems like too much work: Seems Old Scratch has the situation pretty well in hand, able to send everything from psycho dogs to visions to lightning storms to Mia Farrow as a creep-tastic Governess to the aid of his boy… with all that at Hell’s disposal, isn’t riding the coattails of a mid-level dignitary kind of a long way between A and B?

The film is at it’s best recreating the “big” money-scenes of the original, though naturally they suffer a bit removed from the gutsy grit of the mid-70s. At it’s worst, it’s trying to hard to make up for worn material with cheap tricks: A series of nightmare sequences involving Julia Stiles as the rapidly-unraveling Mrs. Thorn are laughable attempts to ape “The Shining,” and topical references like the aforementioned 9/11 hat-tip and scenes of a dying Pope are dead on arrival. In the end, it’s not awful… it’s just not really much of anything.


P.S. Now that 6/6/06 is done with forever, can we PLEASE stop fussing over the damn number? Seriously, if I only ever impart ONE piece of real knowledge on this blog, let this be it: 666 isn’t a date. Or a birthmark. Or 1999 inverted. Or Hillary Clinton’s GPA solved for X. It’s a name. In the language the Book of Revelations was written in, all letters had corresponding numbers, so “his number was 666” just means that that will be the sum of the Antichrist’s “name” when all the letters are added up. Really, that’s it. Don’t tell me I never taught you anything.

2 thoughts on “REVIEW: The Omen (2006)

  1. Seven Star Hand says:

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  2. mr menendez says:

    well, he’s certainly an interesting fella’.i can see some of his points. i was just going to comment that 666 is the number of man, in numerology, but now it seems kinda, instead, i think i’ll just pontificate that i’m sick and tired of doa creativity in hollywood. everything is a remake or a sequal (or prequal.. damn you star wars), or an adaptation from a book, video game, comic, or tv show.don’t get me wrong, i love sin city and v for vendetta and serenity, king kong, and lotr. it’s nice to see a good comic or book or tv show get made into a movie and wonderful if it’s a good movie. but, can we not come up with something that’s daring and original? is everyone so afraid of trying something new that we have to have saw 3? there was a time when we scoffed at a movie having a 3rd instalment. we knew it was just out for some cheap, quick bucks with something established, so it didn’t have to try. we also knew that it was on its last leg (with the exception of the first star wars trilogy and lotr) and if it didn’t go straight to video, then any subsequent sequals, it’s expected.and what is with bringing out 30, 40, and 50 year old tv series, and trying to turn it into a feature?! (i’m looking at you, bewitched)what’s even worse, is when they adapt things that are really only suitable for a tv series, that the entire premise is that it’s small segments of character sliced into a formula. like trying to turn “house” into a movie. it just wouldn’t work. what, so he just has a really big case to work on?formally, the idea of turning a tv series into a movie, was to try and draw a bigger audience to the show (and thus its advertisers), and give the established fans something splashy to spend money on the more direct market of box office and merchandising. these movies are usually forgetable. (offhand, the only happy exceptions i can think of are transformers the movie and serenity)if we’re going to keep churning out sequals, lets take a note from japan: movie serials. movies staring a likable/endering/memorable character that just goes on with further adventures, not trying to up the ante. basically, 90 minute episodes that come out about every two years. every watch zatoichi? remember blind fury, with rutger hauer? based on a zatoichi movie. the series ran on for 25 movies. then there was the grand fanale one, made in 90, which was the one i saw. then a modern take, in 2003, which wasn’t much like the original… but the thing about those? they were completely low budget. they were put out as a “here it is, if you want it..” and because of the low budget, it forced filmakers to be creative with it, to keep it interesting. not the same story, over and over – not to say it didn’t have a formula ( blind swordsman wonders into town, makes money by gambling and as a massues(?), encounters bad guys, tries to avoid violence, doesn’t work, kills everyone, wanders off, again )i’ve ranted enough.


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