Look at this quick! (UPDATED! You too slow!)

…because Marvel/Sony will probably ask everyone to “cease and desist” showing this pretty soon. (Hat-tip to AICN)

What we’ve got here looks to be a good-quality copy of the “for fans only” ComicCon teaser for “Spider-Man 3.” It’s rough, with unfinished FX work, animatics and storyboards standing in for some of the bigger moments (which you’ve now seen in-full in the official new trailer) but it’s the one little tag at the very end that’s the reason to look: A fast but final-looking shot of VENOM.

(Note: Non-fans looking to remain 100% pre-info free may want to think twice, as this WILL essentially tell you where Topher Grace’s character’s story seems to be going.)

UPDATE! Told ya that wouldn’t be up for long. Hope most of you got to look at it here or elsewhere, at least. For now, here’s the screen-grab that matters:

One thing immediately jumps to me: This would indicate that Venom won’t be in the actual movie until at or near the very end. Check out the clip, it’s pretty evocative of a “Jason-jumping-up-out-of-the-lake” “Boo!” moment; the type that ideally comes right before or after “The End.” Me, I think that’d make a pretty kick-ass way to tell everyone to start anticipating “Spider-Man 4,” but maybe some might end up feeling gyped? Thoughts?

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