Golden Globes 2006

Best Motion Picture Drama: “Babel”!


What boldness. What bravery. What sheer perceptive grandeur this choice represents.

For two long, the world has ignored the Great Social Problem of people-not-aware-that-firing-a-loaded-rifle-at-a-moving-bus-will-often-have-ill-effects. In a moviegoing year where big, flashy distractions like “acting,” “direction,” “vision” or “subtlety” were all the rage… the distinguised Hollywood Foriegn Press Association chose to go out on a limb and throw their top honors to the ONLY film that had the gumption to tackle people-not-aware-that-firing-a-loaded-rifle-at-a-moving-bus-will-often-have-ill-effects with the maturity and awareness it deserves… the ONLY film with the conviction and the guts to take the risky boxoffice gamble of bludgeoning it’s audience into submission with the powerful tool of trite, obvious messageering.


The Golden Globes having been hemorraging what limited credibility they ever had for about the last five years or so… and B.S. like this is the reason why. “Babel” isn’t a “bad” movie, at least not compared to the majority of films this year. I recall giving it an (incredibly generous) 7/10 awhile back, in fact. But “Best” anything?? Not even close. Not even in a year where it isn’t nominated against “The Departed” or “Little Children.”

Well done, HFPA. You’ve managed to instantly turn a respectable if frequently-irritating little “message movie” into an instant tie with “Dreamgirls” for the most overrated films of the year.

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