"Dead or Alive" online for FREE!


It’s not a leak or (as near as anyone can tell) an illegal-posting. It’s a direct-to-Google-Video release of Corey Yuen’s tongue-in-cheek movie version of “Dead or Alive,” the video game based chick-fight action/comedy I’ve been impatiently chasing after for at least a year now. And my birthday isn’t even for another few weeks!

Beautiful women kicking the crap out of eachother with wire-fu and samurai swords while dressed up like anime/cosplay fetish dolls. Thank you ma’am, may I have another?

Get it here:

Who knows how long this stays up, and I can’t figure a way to “save” it or anything and so far have only had the chance to watch about a 3rd of it… but I’d say this is probably semi-official, a novel attempt at building buzz for something that was pretty much trading on presumed B-movie silliness to begin with. In any case, so far it’s exactly the kind of silly/sexy fun I wanted from it. Well done.

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