REVIEW: The Hills Have Eyes 2

Boy, does this suck.

It was practically a given that this quickie sequel would have an uphill battle at proving itself without gonzo-genius Alexandre Aja at the helm, but man… This is the kind of awful, pointless follow-up you usually expect to go direct-to-DVD.

Alright, so the original isn’t exactly a flat-out masterpiece, but at least it had guts (literally) and vision. It’s solution to reinvigorating the stale “vactioners versus rural cannibal mutants” setup was to go over-the-top and then some. This sequel whittles down the mutants to a skeleton-crew of about four to five uniteresting hulks and tosses a crew of heavily-armed National Guard troops at them… and can’t think of a single interesting thing to do for almost two hours. The first film managed a crucifixtion/incineration, a baby-in-peril and turned the family dog into an action hero before the 3rd act even got going… the best the sequel can manage is a prolonged, shockingly unimaginative rape scene. Skip it.


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