BEHOLD… Galactus?

(NOTE: May or may not be considered spoiler-esque. Strictly rumor-ish, one site had it under “spoiler,” another did not, I’m leaving some space just in case, click outta here if you’re really touchy about anything possibly spoiler-ish.)

Well, not exactly. But apparently it may not be all that far off:

And, before the responses kick up… I KNOW AICN isn’t exactly the New York times (not even the New York Post, really) but A.) It was put up by their most consistently reliable regular contributor, who is now their most “inside-the-system” regular contributor; and B.) It “sounds real” to me. Waaaaaay back even before we started seeing pics of the Silver Surfer, we were hearing that IF Galactus was to turn up in “Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer,” he’d probably be closer to “Gah-Lak-Tus” (The “Ultimate Marvel” Galactus,) who’s basically a hivemind of billions of spacefaring insectoid robots which resembles a massive cloud at a distance.

For futher circumstantial evidence, we now have Variety…
…confirming that Laurence Fishburne is NOT voicing Galactus, as many outlets initially reported (giving rise to hopes that a human voice would logically equal a “traditional” humanoid Galactus) but rather the Silver Surfer.

Egh. Keep `em crossed… keep `em crossed…

On the plus side, if your name is Michael Bay, you can relax: You may get of lucky and end up as only the director of the second most-hated “tentpole” movie of 2007. See? God (…zilla 98) never flushes a turd without opening a window 😉

2 thoughts on “BEHOLD… Galactus?

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s worth noting that AICN recently ran a test screening report on the movie that got a rating of being ‘really, really bad.’It’s also more worth noting that this is curious since there haven’t been any test screenings yet. I will laugh out loud if at the end of the movie, a giant cloud shows up… and then Galactus floats out of it. That would be a delicious fake-out.


  2. Bob says:

    As I pointed out, I KNOW AICN isn’t something that can (or ought to be) generally taken at face-value. I put it up because it’s already been picked up elsewhere, and because I thought it’d be cute to stick the smiley cloud in there. And also, again, because it sounds depressingly plausible. Don’t forget, we’re dealing with basically the same team that “Dr. Doom” needed to be “re-imagined” as a business tycoon. If castles and made-up European backwaters are “too out-there” for them, can you really imagine them approaching this in the manner of “Godzilla-sized giant in purple space-armor stomping around Manhattan? ABSOLUTELY!”?


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