The sheep find their scapegoat

Gotta admire the speed at which the weak, the cowardly and those who prey on them have moved on this. The VT Massacre isn’t even a week old yet, and they’ve already found the pop-culture item that’s going to be blamed for “causing” Cho Seung-hui to murder people. Because, y’know, it can’t just be that random evil and insanity sometimes simply happen. No, that’s too scary. That’s too hard to face. Something must have “caused” it, and if they can just find what it is and raise a fuss, they’ll feel better.

Weaklings. Fools.

So, what’s it going to be this time? Chan Wook-Park’s movie “Oldboy.”

Why? Because apparently Seung-Hui had seen it, and because in one of his snapshots he was holding a hammer, and “Oldboy” killed guys with a hammer in one scene.

How perfect, eh? How clever the Encyclopedia Browns out there are: “OMIGOD! South-Korean movie! SOUTH KOREAN KILLER!!! IT ALL FITS!!!!” And, not for nothing, the film is a foriegn import, just like Hui himself, so they don’t even have the SLIGHT element of introspection that comes when they put the blame on American music/movies/whatever. Super, eh? Pro-censorship for one set of idiots, xenophobia for another.

What a disgrace.

6 thoughts on “The sheep find their scapegoat

  1. Anonymous says:

    While I don’t think Old Boy in anyway caused the massacre, to be fair I think it’s a leap to pin xenophobia on this one. It’s hardly a random association since the photo in question certainly seems to show him mimicing the pose in that very photo you posted, to the point where many film websites have made the connection of their own accord, not to mention the whole revenge theme in the film.


  2. Casey Malone says:

    Source on this connection, Bob? Your article is the first I’ve read of it.Also, Videogames have been blamed up and down since literally the moment the news began reporting on this…


  3. Bob says:

    Casey:<>“Source on this connection, Bob? Your article is the first I’ve read of it.”<>,,30000-1261563,00.html, “Anonymous,” I’m not necessarily “blaming” xenophobia, but I’m sensing it’s starting to play a role in how the coverage of this is playing out. Part of what seems to make Seung-Hui so fascinating to the press vultures is his legal-alien status – his “exoticism.” So anything that can tie back to that is going to get a second look.Want a preview of coming attractions? Once they get done combing his DVD collection and dissecting his iPod, the NEXT big theory is going to be that he felt his parents loved his Princeton-graduate sister more – i.e. dredging up the tired stereotype of hypercompetitive Asian immigrant families turning siblings against one another (“Numbah One Son,” etc.)


  4. Wesley says:

    A quick thought on the word these busy bodies are trotting around lately to describe Oldboy. Nihilistic. To which I find using the word as relation to Oldboy to be poppycock , or better yet as Pen Jillete would say, BULLSHIT! Most of these people obviously have never seen this film or were in such a hurry to judge it failed to see any meaning the film might of had. That or they couldn’t find a character they pretend was Bush avatar. To call Oldboy nihilistic is misguided at best and downright ignorant at worst. It is obvious that Chan Wook Park does have a message in Oldboy, it may be one they don’t like but it’s there none the less. Park’s “Vengeance” trilogy could be more accurately described as the anti-Vengeance trilogy and Oldboy is a near perfect exploration of this theme(Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance would be a better one) . For example consider the fates of Lee Woojin and Oh Desu. Two characters who’s separate quests for revenge ends with them gaining nothing. Oh Desu fails in getting his vengeance and is left a broken, humiliated man. Lee Woojin succeeds in getting it yet finds it is unable to ease his dispair over his loss. So in my opnion is that this film is as far from nihilistic as you could get.


  5. Anonymous says:

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