Bee Mario Revealed!

You’ll find few bigger “Super Mario Bros.” fans than me, but even I’ve got my likes and dislikes. And one the big DISLIKES about the franchise lately (at least since the N64 days) has been the lessening of Mario’s once ever-expanding “power-ups.” Yes, I’m firmly in the “Super Mario Bros. 3′ was the BEST entry in the series” camp, and all the fun costumes and extra powers are a big part of it. Face it: Mario has never had a cooler weapon in his arsenal than the mighty Tanooki Suit.

Well, my Nintendo related dreams have a habit of coming true lately thanks to the Wii: Nintendo back on top of the gaming industry? Check. Playing original-style NES/SNES and Genesis (which I never got to own for real back in the day) games on one machine? Check. An actual-for-real Mario versus Sonic the Hedgehog game? Check. And now Miyamoto-san and company have gone and given us the return of the power-up costume in the form of “Super Mario Galaxy’s” E3-revealed “Bee Mario!” (pictured below with a series of it’s fellow Mario suits, for nostalgia’s sake.)

Pictured (counter-clockwise): Bee Mario, Fire Mario, Hammer Mario, Frog Mario, Dr. Mario, Tanooki Suit Mario, regular Mario

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