Holy. Mother. Of. GOD: Part II

Some of you may recall THIS post… http://moviebob.blogspot.com/2007/06/holy-mother-of-god.html …wherein I offered my not-exactly-subdued enthusiastic optimism for the upcoming Korean monster movie “Dragon Wars,” which as near as can be determined is about a FUCKING ARMY OF DRAGONS, KNIGHT’S RIDING THERAPOD-LIKE DRAGONS, QUADRAPEDAL DINOSAUR-LIKE DRAGONS WITH FUCKING CANNONS MOUNTED ON THEIR BACKS AND SOME “GODZILLA”-SIZED COBRA MONSTER… ahem, sorry… waging war on some fuedal Korean village and then later waging more war on the city of Los Angeles whereupon the GIANT FUCKING COBRA MONSTER STRANGLES A SKYSCRAPER AND FUCKING DRAGONS HAVE FUCKING DOGFIGHTS WITH FUCKING APACHE ATTACK HELICOPTERS!!!!!

Who stars? What else is it about? Don’t know. Don’t care. See above. My ticket is bought, my DVD is bought, my Region Zero 3-Disc Korean Special Edition is bought, my Sideshow Collectibles Resin Statue of the big whatever-it-is coiling up the building is bought. In any case, the film (which will apparently screen at Comic-Con) now has a trailer for it’s September 14 U.S. release, which some nice fella was nice enough to put on youtube:

Bob. Want. Movie. NOW!!!

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