Anne Coulter: Anti-Semite

Yes, yes, I know. Anne Coulter isn’t worth taking seriously. It’s a schtick: Let’s have a leggy blonde say incendiary stuff so that then it’s out there and we can eventually talk it up. I get that.

Still, I’m always more than a little giddy whenever a moment like this befalls a vanguard of the so-called “Religious Right” and reveals their true nature It’s almost like clockwork: Scratch the surface of a Christian (or Muslim) religious extremist, and you’ll find a Anti-Semite almost every time. (See: Mel “Passion” Gibson.) And so, in the grand-tradition of “Sugar Tits,” here’s Mrs. Coulter on CNBC’s “Big Idea” theorizing to (Jewish) host Donny Deutsch that the world would be better off if the Jews were all converted to Christianity – or in her terms, the Jews need to be “perfected.” (the clip includes TV commercials, zip past them for her ludicrous “explanation” of herself:

Mrs. Coulter, if you can here me: Just for reference’s sake, I heard about this because my radio-surfing took me past Michael Savage, who was condemning you for it. MICHAEL SAVAGE. Do you have any idea how much of a creep you have to be for Michael Savage to be able to take a legitimate moral highground on you??

5 thoughts on “Anne Coulter: Anti-Semite

  1. joe says:

    The video link didn’t work, but based on her previous statements I can believe it. I agree with you, scratch a fundmentalist christian or muslim and you’ll find an anti-semite.


  2. darkbhudda says:

    You also find an anti-athiest and and an anti-satanist and an anti-paganist and an anti-agnostic and a anti-whatever they are not.No offense but some people really need to think a bit deeper about things rather than toss off labels.


  3. T says:

    She only wants press coverage and believes (and accurately unfortunately) that everytime she says something hateful it merits attention. She is not worth the space on the blog or the time and effort of an interview. I think we should treat her as one would a petulant, spoiled child: ignore her completely.


  4. Bob says:

    <>“She only wants press coverage and believes (and accurately unfortunately) that everytime she says something hateful it merits attention.”<>She’s crazy like a fox. Look at the eyes (six or so inches above the curious Adam’s Apple, for those playing at home) she <>buys<> what she’s saying half the time, but 100% of the time she knows her <>mission:<> Say ridiculous and inflamatory things that her “side” would largely like to say but can’t, “get away” with it because no one really takes her seriously, thus ALLOWING her “side” to be able to talk about her “point” in an indirect, roundabout, ‘we’re merely discussing her having said it’ way. It’s actually rather clever.


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