HEADLINE: Near Future to Feature Political-Posturing, Suck

Hat-tip: Kotaku, Denver Post

Want to see the future? Want to know now what will be on the lips of every Democrat presidential candidate, along with the whole of the GOP pack except Ron Paul and maybe Giuliani? Read: http://www.denverpost.com/breakingnews/ci_7760927

Short-version: An unsupervised, dumb-shit 16 year-old girl and her dumb-shit 17 year-old boyfriend got drunk while babysitting her younger siblings and beat 7 year-old sister to death. The 17 year-old, who apparently tried to revive by “breaking an egg into her mouth” (?) claims they were acting out “Mortal Kombat,” a video game which you may recall being (baselessly) blamed for something like 90% of dumb-shit related beating deaths of children over the last decade or so.

Absolutely tragic, horrifying news. The sort of evil that makes me say, “Death Penalty: GOOD Thing.” Not that either of these worthless wastes of carbon are going to get it: They didn’t do it, right? No, a sixteen year-old arcade game is to blame… NOT these two poor souls – who I’m sure were both honor-student paragons of virtue and pillars of their community and most certainly NOT empty, useless, mentally-deficient societal leeches up until the moment the drop of a quarter and push of a button turned them into child-murdering maniacs.

Now, I’m assuming that since everyone here is capable of both reading and operating a computer, they’re intelligent enough to know that this is basically bullshit, right? That it’s highly unlikely that this occured as a result of a dumb-shit “acting out” a video game that’s damn near older than HE is? What happened here is one or both of two things: A.) The girl was killed by them doing something much, MUCH worse and this was the first “don’t shoot my derranged ass on sight” excuse he could come up with, or B.) Their lawyers know that “Sub-Zero made me do it!” is still a prime way to deflect the attention from their clients.

But none of that will matter. We’ll hear about this from the cynical, posturing, power-hungry slime of both “sides” soon enough. “Conservative” politicos (looking at YOU, Huckabee) love these stories because it plays to their paranoid, superstitious religious base; and “Liberals” love them because “fighting obscene entertainment” is the only ‘values voter’ angle they can pander to that won’t piss off one of their OTHER constituencies.

It’s a given that if there’s a Hell, these two kids will be burning in it (hopefully real, real soon and after some serious torment here in the real world first) but if there’s any real cosmic justice to these things, every single scumball “public figure” who tries to use this to push their censorship agenda will be burning right next to them.

2 thoughts on “HEADLINE: Near Future to Feature Political-Posturing, Suck

  1. Lupos says:

    This has got to be the most rediculous story I’ve heard in a year. Of course the kids ran to get a scapegoat for their actions; blaming video games has become the new “God made me do it!”


  2. tyra says:

    we’ve seen it before (“seduction of the innocent”, anyone? or the christian-fueled rampage against d&d in the ’70’s and ’80’s), we’ll see it again. the sooner we stop reacting to the obvious bullshit that it is, the sooner they’ll figure out that it doesn’t work, and start looking for the next scapegoat. but, at least maybe then, they’ll leave us (movie/comic/game geeks) alone.


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