MINI-REVIEW: Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

“Walk Hard” has one big-idea observation – that “musician biopics” are all telling the same basic story – and two running gags at it’s expense: Characters bluntly sounding out obvious, familiar story points and cartoonish exaggerations of the uber-dramatic parts of “Ray” and “Walk The Line.” Turns out, that’s really all it needs. That, plus a truly epic lead turn by John C. Reilly, the great character player who’s been a welcome sidekick in everything from “Boogie Nights” to “For Love of The Game” to “Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job” and now finally gets to play the hero. It was worth the wait to see.

This is smart, well-observed skewering of it’s genre and it’s most famous recent entries, and perhaps best of all the music is actually REALLY good even when it’s being funny. Dissapointing boxoffice aside, this’ll be remembered as one of the funniest spoofs in recent memory once it gets into TBS/TNT rotation – or even sooner once the “Adult Swim” crowd gets hold of it.


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