(Side-note: Happy Birthday to me.)

I was happy enough with the way the first “Game OverThinker” video turned out I dove right into number two, so here it is. Just don’t take this as some indicator of how regularly these will be up… the first two subjects were issues/ideas that I’ve been chewing on for awhile so they were realized pretty quick – if I opt to tackle something that requires more (read: ANY) research or deeper consideration it’ll probably take longer.

In any case, Episode 2 here falls under the needlessly-pretentious title of “Super Mario and The Sacred Feminine.” If you only listen to one 9 minute 55 second clip of a video-game addicted Movie Geek pontificating about post-feminist sexual politics and gender roles in gaming, the notion of neo-pagan Goddess themes in the Mario series plus a brief aside about Japan and how the long shadow it casts on game-culture worldwide to this day makes these academic exercises exponentially more complicated, I humbly ask that you make it this one. Enjoy!

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  1. Wesley says:

    Dug it. Wasn’t sure what you were going for before watching, but pleasantly surprised. P.S Thank God there is another person fed up with the bullshit “gritty” design games seem to think they need to adopt. Picture this; you’re about plop down about ten dollars to go to the movies, which sounds more interesting to seeA. Generic post apocalyptic action with a character you’ve seen again and again fighting more or less enemy you’ve seen time and time again.ORB. A delightful cartoon about an Italian plumber riding a green dinosaur trying to save a princess and a race of mushroom people from a giant turtle/dragon…..


  2. james says:

    Sweet video. Hey I live in Japan and I’m sure you already know this, but in Japan, Bowser’s NAME is actually Koopa. or クッパ. It is obviously based off of the Kappa. I guess Nintendo thought Bowser sounds more villian like. Who knows. sweet videos-james


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