Miyamoto is NUMBER ONE!


Last year, Shigeru Miyamoto – creator of the Super Mario Bros. and the father and modern video games – made his debut appearance on the Time Magazine Online voting poll for “most influential person of the year” and eventually came in at #9. Well, this year’s results are in and for the 2008 Online Poll “Shiggy” took the NUMBER ONE SPOT! Beating out both Stephen Colbert and his arch-rival Korean pop star Rain. Kickass.

One thought on “Miyamoto is NUMBER ONE!

  1. MegaTroopX says:

    Let’s review…This guy:– Gets to basically be an eternal kid.– Gets to make art he loves.– Essentially brings his imaginary friends and their worlds to life.– Is either rich or not worried about his bills.– I beloved by million inside Japan and abroad, and has been for decades.I’d say he’s a lucky bastard, if he wasn’t so deserving.


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