I’ve gotta find a mechanism to get these done sooner than two to three days AFTER seeing the movie… though, given the boxoffice, it doesn’t sound like anyone needed ME to tell them not to see this.

One thought on “VIDEO REVIEW: The Love Guru

  1. tyra menendez says:

    and here i thought i was the only one that felt that way about alba. though i originally questioned some of the casting in sin city, i was surprised that the only one i was right about was her. she was completely unmemorable as nancy, who is supposed to be a hedonistic goddess of all things desire. while her role in sin city was minimal, it still hurt the hartigan story and i could only assume the reason he was so strident to protect her was a father/daughter view.put bluntly, she could never fool me. i watched one episode of dark angel and it’s no wonder that thing got canceled. the fact that she has no stage presence almost worked for the shrinking violet vision of sue storm, but there’s no way her and johnny are related and she comes off as the younger sibling, not the short, she’s like david caruso, in that i’m left wondering why she even has a career.


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