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I’m gonna take a stab in the dark that most of my readership probably isn’t fond of Sarah Palin. Can’t say I’m entirely enamored myself. I do, however, have kind of a feeling that her husband Todd is the next breakout “fun” character from the Election Show; which needs a new one, now that those lovable Clintons are off on their spinoff series (they’ll be playing two insanely-powerful political masterminds covertly destroying their own party’s candidate for long-term personal gain. I smell a smash.)

For a visual-refresher, here they are:

Y’know what I like about this guy? In every photo, he’s ALWAYS got an expression like she just signed them both up a year of weekly ballroom-dancing lessons without asking him first. I dunno, I just get the sense that this fella is gonna be a goldmine of press-conference-generating ‘oopsie’ quotes. (Oh please please please PLEASE let him have colorful drinkin’ buddies with big mouths!)

Incidentally, don’t bother with “Bangkok Dangerous,” it’s just not very good. They missed the whole point of why you use Nicholas Cage in generic ‘insert-actor-here’ roles: Because he’s a nutty, “ticky” actor who makes such roles bearable. It doesn’t WORK if you don’t let him be weird about it. Here you’ve got a movie with Nicholas Cage tutoring a Thai pickpocket in kung-fu and playing target-practice with watermelons and he’s not even allowed to do an “aww, REALLY!!??” What a waste…

4 thoughts on “This guy…

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m too young to vote, but when I’m able to I’ll probably be Republican. However, I’ll make an informed vote, based on the issues facing the world at that point and the candidates’ qualifications in dealing with said problems, not party loyalties. I’m LDS (a Mormon), and as it stands, I wouldn’t vote for McCain, partly because of Palin. This woman, when asked what she thought of Mormons, said “I am anti-mormon!” Just that, no explanation or insight. Besides just being personnally offencive to me, it shows just how sheltered and inexperienced she is. I bet that she thinks we still practice polygamy… and have horns.


  2. Whiskey says:

    You’ll never get Todd Palin Movie Bob.He’s probably the least interesting quote generator, Michelle Obama is the most.Todd Palin is a guy who adores his wife, doesn’t care much about politics one way or another, and is just there to support her. He’d probably be out hunting or fishing if he could. The stuff he does, standing around, probably bores him. Greta Van Susteren did an extended interview about him. He expressed no political opinions, probably because he doesn’t have any. He did talk extensively about his love of fishing and how his buddies helped him build his house.Michelle Obama, on the other hand, weirdly puts down Obama all the time. She’s made it seem in interviews that Obama (who was quite a figure with the ladies in HS and College, and after it) was some schlub she took pity on and dated and married. She seethes resentment at his spotlight and half the time you figure SHE like Hillary would rather be the candidate. Michelle Obama of course just radiates racial resentment of whites. THAT comes across loud and clear, as in her Princeton thesis.


  3. el gordo says:

    I´m sure you would vote for Josef Stalin as long as he wears a nice suit, speaks well and doesn´t quote the bible. None of which means anything, but liberals are parochial and quite predictable that way.You probably also believe Obama is a thoughtful guy. It´s called projection.The people who created our civilisation (no, I´m not putting scare quotes around that) and kept it going were more like the Palins than me or you. It may rankle but it is what it is. Maybe someday you will be mature enough to see beyond your little prejudices. You won´t get any help from movies and games though.


  4. Bob says:

    el gordo<>“You probably also believe Obama is a thoughtful guy. It´s called projection.”<>To be perfectly frank, you’re obviously new here. I’m not at all sold on Barack Obama and I’m actually much more fond of John McCain. That Obama probably agrees with me on Roe v. Wade is nice, but doesn’t make his act any more one-note. Seems like a good fella, I don’t see his (now rather likely-looking) victory as some kind of apocalyptic event, but he’s HARDLY “my candidate.”


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